A24 To Conclude X Trilogy With Upcoming ‘MaXXXine’

Although the second film in A24’s X trilogy, PearlRecently premiering in theaters, series director Ti West has confirmed that he and his team are already working hard on the finale of this deadly trilogy.

Source: MaXXXine (2022), A24

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By the deadline, West confirmed the development of the third and final x following admission Pearl Premiering September 12 at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

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Source: Perl (2022), A24

set after the events of xto come MaXXXine Mia will see Goth as Maxine of the same name and will follow her relentless quest for fame in 1980s Los Angeles.

Shooting hasn’t started, but Deadline makes it clear that the film is “on the fast track after being greenlighted by A24.”

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Source: X (2022), A24

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Shortly after this announcement, A24 released a short teaser for the sequel, which apparently doesn’t include any actual footage from the film, but gives fans a taste of what they can expect when it finally hits theaters. be hit

Beginning with the classic ‘static noise’ present on the well-worn VHS tape, the trailer eventually cuts to a wide wide shot of the Hollywood Hills, which graphically labels as “Footage from Los Angeles, 1985″ Labels .

The camera then spins and reveals that instead of the iconic ‘Hollywood’ sign, individual characters in the landmark have been replaced with similarly stylized letters that pronounce ‘MaXXXine’.

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Source: MaXXXine (2022), A24

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From VCR-like effects to logos, even trailer music MaXXXine It seems to lean heavily on the ’80s aesthetic—a creative decision that not only makes sense for the series’ own timeline, but also evokes memories of one of the best times for horror movies.

Although A24’s releases are usually more geared towards the younger crowd, they are likely to reflect how important the time was to the genre, giving way to such classics as 1987 HellraiserA film whose influence is still felt in the media today, and in the 1980s children’s play,

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Source: Hellraiser (1987), Miramax Films

The ’80s Gave Us Twin Outings Too death day And return of the living dead, Both pushed boundaries with regards to mainstream zombie content.

Needless to say, the 80s were a prime time for horrors, and MaXXXine would be in good company if it took full advantage of its setting and it’s rich history of horror and slashers.

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Source: Return of the Living Dead (1985), Orion Pictures

Plus, this third trip to the X universe gives star Mia Goth one more chance for those clueless to realize that she might be the next big thing in horror — at least the more elevated side of it.

In fact, Goth’s early career was based on such films, before playing a double role as the lead antagonist of the two. x And PearlShe appeared in such films a cure for health, marrow boneand the 2018 remake of Suspiria.

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Source: Suspiria (2018), Amazon Studios

of course, what MaXXXine What this might mean for the trilogy’s story and what kind of kills, thrills and coolness it might bring ultimately remains to be seen.

Until we know more, we can only wait in anticipation, and maybe re-watch the first two films a few more times.

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Source: X (2022), A24

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