Abby De La Rosa, who has 2 kids with Nick Cannon, says she was ‘well aware’ of what dating him would involve

  • Abby De La Rosa said that when they started dating she realized that Nick Cannon was polyamorous.
  • She and Cannon welcomed twin boys named Zillion and Zion together in 2021.
  • He has many other children. She said she thinks her other families are “beautiful.”

Abby De La Rosa said she knew Nick Cannon was not monogamous when they began dating in an interview on the “Lover and Friends with Shan Boodrum” podcast released Wednesday.

“I was very self-conscious and knew very well what I was getting into,” she told host Shaan Boodram. “I’ve always known what kind of lifestyle he lived,” De La Rosa said, adding that she was also dating other partners when they started seeing each other.

She and Cannon welcomed twin boys named Zillion and Zion together in June 2021.

On Thursday, a day after De La Rosa’s podcast appearance, Cannon announced that he would be welcoming his ninth child with model Lanisha Cole. Onyx Ice is Cannon’s first child with Cole, a baby girl named Cole Cannon.

In addition to his 1-year-old twins with newborn Onyx and De La Rosa, Cannon has five other surviving children with several other women: 11-year-old twins with his ex-wife Mariah Carey; 5-year-old son and 1-year-old daughter with model Brittany Bell; and a 6-week-old son with “Sailing Sunset” star Bree Tisci. He also had a son named Zane with model Alyssa Scott. Zane died of brain cancer in 2021, which inspired Cannon to start a Pediatric Health Foundation in memory of the 5-month-old baby.

In August, Canon also shared the news that he is expecting another child with Bell, with a video of the couple posing for a photoshoot together.

lanisha cole nick cannon baby

Cannon welcomed her ninth child (and first time with Lanisha Cole) this week.

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“We all know about each other,” De La Rosa told Budrum of Cannon’s other co-parent.

De La Rosa insisted that she was not brainwashed or coerced into dating the entertainer and producer, as many have speculated on social media. “I find empowerment in my truth and in my reality,” she said. She acknowledged that others may be “disliked” for her choices, but she disagrees with them.

“Whenever I get those comments like ‘He’s playing you,’ I’m like, is he?” He added.

“Being in a polyamorous situation doesn’t mean you have low self-esteem,” she said later on the podcast.

De La Rosa said that she and Cannon were acquainted for years before they started dating. She said that she heard him discuss her lifestyle in various interviews she did after her divorce from Carey.

Cannon has been outspoken about the prospect of marrying again or entering a monogamous relationship after separating from his ex-wife. “He does interview after interview where he says I can’t have the standard monogamous relationship,” she said.

“Our connection was very free, and it was so fun and open. I took it exactly that way,” she said.

nick cannon

Canon is one proud father.

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“I felt comfortable, I felt safe,” she later added.

De La Rosa, who is currently pregnant with her third child, said that she and Cannon do not use labels such as “boyfriend”, but referred to her as his “primary partner” and “father of the children”. did.

She described herself as “monogamous by choice” for the time being, but said she would be open to having other relationships in the future and alternatively did not specifically rule out a return to monogamous relationships in the future. She also hopes that the romantic aspect of her relationship with Cannon will eventually come to an end. “I just know in my heart of my heart that this isn’t my forever person,” she said of Cannon.

De la Rosa said he looks forward to teaching his children how he and Cannon one day built their family. “I’m excited to see my kids grow up and to tell mom and dad that you did it your way,” she said.

Watch the full conversation below.

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