Chargers at Chiefs Thursday game won’t be on TV: Why Amazon Prime is the only way you’ll be able to watch


For the past four years, “Thursday Night Football” has been airing on Fox, but no more than tonight when the Chiefs host the Chargers.

If you turn to Fox at 8:15 p.m. ET, something will happen, but it won’t be football. And don’t bother checking another channel for the game, as it won’t air on television. The NFL will step into the world of internet-only games tonight with “Thursday Night Football” airing exclusively on Amazon Prime.

Although the game will be available on television in the home markets of any team playing Thursday, everyone else will have to watch the game on Prime (that means tonight’s game will be on over-the-air television in both Los Angeles and Kansas. city).

Since this is the first time that Amazon will be exclusively streaming a game, now seems like a good time to give you a primer on how we got here and what they’ll offer.

Here’s everything you need to know:

  • Amazon will broadcast ‘Thursday Night Football’ for the next 11 years. When the NFL finalized its new media rights deals in March 2021, the biggest surprise was Amazon. For the first time, an Internet company has won the exclusive rights to a package of a game. Amazon is reportedly paying $1 billion a year for the rights to stream TNF through the 2033 season. Amazon wasn’t supposed to start streaming TNF until 2023, but Fox, which held the rights during the 2022 season, struck a deal with the company that allowed Amazon to start streaming games this year. Amazon has been streaming Thursday Games since 2017, but this is the first year they are getting games exclusively.
  • Who are the announcers? Amazon wanted to hit a home run with its announcer duo, so the company dropped out and found two big names: Al Michaels and Kirk Herbstreit. At Michaels’ end, his contract expired at NBC, so Amazon attacked him. As far as Herbstreet is concerned, he is still with ESPN, but there is a clause in his contract that allows him to perform NFL games for Amazon. Sideline reporter Kylie Hartung will be on Thursday night.
  • Amazon will give you lots of options: If you don’t feel like listening to Herbstreet & Michaels, Amazon has many other options. There will be a feed that includes “Prime Vision with Next Gen Stats”, a feed with Dude Perfect, and a Spanish-language feed.
  • There will be some familiar faces at the Amazon Pregame Show. Amazon went on a hiring spree over the past few months to bring in people anchoring pregame, postgame, and halftime coverage. Richard Sherman, Andrew Whitworth and Ryan Fitzpatrick will be the former NFL players you’ll see. All three of them will be joined by lead anchor Charissa Thompson while Taylor Roux will serve as features reporter.

One thing you’ll notice about “Thursday Night Football” this year is that the NFL has loaded up the schedule. Not only will things start with the Chargers at Chiefs, but we’ll get the Dolphins in a Steelers-Brown game in Week 3 and the Bengals in Week 4. To see the full schedule for Thursday night, be sure to click here.

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