Cherry discloses what The Undertaker was like backstage in WWE

Former WWE Superstar Cheri recently recalled how The Undertaker interacted with other roster members behind the scenes.

The man behind The Deadman persona, Mark Callaway, stayed away from the cameras for most of his 30-year WWE career. However, when cameras were not present, he didn’t mind giving advice to his fellow superstars.

On the “Cheap Heat Productions Podcast,” Cheri explained how the WWE icon often spoke to the women’s division:

“I know ‘Taker was a locker room leader. To my knowledge, he didn’t always dress in the main locker room of the TV. He always had his own and sometimes he wasn’t even there. But when he He was there, he was there, he watched every match, he was out during the day, and he helped the girls a lot because he and Michelle [The Undertaker’s wife, former WWE Superstar Michelle McCool] We are together.” [19:18-19:38]


Cheri appeared on WWE SmackDown between January 2007 and August 2008. While he also wrestled, the former valet is best known for managing former Tag Team Champions Deuce ‘n Domino’s.

The Undertaker “talked for hours” to WWE Superstars

The 2022 WWE Hall of Fame inductee is widely viewed as one of the greatest Superstars of all time.

After last night, all I can say is thank you… and mom, we got the ring!!! #WWEHOF

Cheri said the 57-year-old was also happy to chat about everyday life outside the wrestling business:

“What a wonderful person. If I had or had the time, he would have talked to me for hours. It didn’t matter who you were. He took the time to talk to you and give you advice, not necessarily about wrestling, just talk [about] Everyday [topics], [19:41-19:56]

Cherry also said that he is ready to return to WWE after 14 years for a one-time appearance at the Royal Rumble match. She has yet to compete in the annual event since the first women’s Royal Rumble in 2018.

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