‘Dancing with the Stars’ co-hosts Tyra Banks, Alfonso Ribeiro rekindling old flame that Will Smith put out

Before they were co-hosts, they were on-screen love interests – until Will Smith slapped one of them with the picture.

The Post sat down with “Dancing with the Stars” hosts Tyra Banks and Alfonso Ribeiro via Zoom on Friday, ahead of the show’s season premiere on Disney+ on Monday — and the pair shared a show on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” Reminisced about acting together. in 1993.

“We were a love interest for an act,” said Banks, 48, of the sitcom, which was the California native’s first acting gig.

In the beloved ’90s series, Riverdale, Bronx native Ribeiro, 50, played Will Smith’s character’s cousin, Carlton, and when Banks’ character, Jackie, debuted, “It was Jackie and Carlton. And we were into each other,” she continued.

“And then she sees Will,” Ribeiro interrupted. “And the little man disbands again. And it broke my heart a little.”

Supermodel Tyra Banks and actor Alfonso Ribeiro will co-host the 31st season of “Dancing with the Stars”.

“Did it break Alfonso’s or Carlton’s heart?” Banks asked.

“Both,” replied Ribeiro. “I wanted the story to continue. I wanted to have a love interest in the show. I wanted to be cool.”

Banks also revealed that the actor and winner of “Dancing With the Stars” 2014 showed the supermodel some love off set.

fresh prince tyra alfonso

Will Smith, Tyra Banks and Alfonso Ribeiro pose for a promo picture of “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”.

tyra banks will smith 1

Ribeiro, Banks and Smith are photographed during an episode of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”.

“Is that why you took me to Marie Callender and I got a pot pie?” he asked Ribeiro.

“Obviously my game was lacking,” he replied. “Although it was a good pot pie,” Banks said.

When asked whether Smith — who infamously slapped Chris Rock at the Academy Awards in March — would ever join “Dancing with the Stars,” Ribeiro quickly replied, “No. Listen, you never Can say, but I never see this happening.”

“It’ll do like a TikTok post,” Banks said. “With a special effect. It would be a fun, funky TikTok special effect weird thing he would do.”

A photo of Tyra Banks and Alfonso Ribeiro.

When asked if Will Smith would join “Dancing with the Stars”, Ribeiro said, “No. Listen, you can never say never, but I never would.”

A photo of Alfonso Ribeiro dancing with a couple at the show.

Alfonso Ribeiro on the dance floor with a duet from “Dancing with the Stars”.

A photo of Tyra Banks.

“Dancing with the Stars” premieres September 19 on Disney Plus.

“Dancing with the Stars”, now in its 31st season, is known for some celebrities marrying their professional dance partners, but for now, Ribeiro said, “there’s a spark here,” pointing to Banks. doing.

“That is the only spark. The only spark that is needed.”

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