Drew Barrymore’s Emotional Interview With Ex Justin Long Had Her In Tears

The Drew Barrymore Show Season 3 is back, and the first guest is a blast from the host’s past. Drew Barrymore’s ex-boyfriend, actor Justin Long, stopped by for a reunion on the show, bringing tears to his eyes.

They reminisced, laughed, and recalled their ongoing friendship after their breakup. “I love that we’ve kept our love. I know from my end, it’ll never go anywhere. I’ll love you forever, you know?” Long recruitment. Barrymore agreed, saying “I will always love you dearly” before the former couple hugged.

“I think we’ve been through a lot together,” Barrymore said, spontaneously wiping tears in the middle of the interview. “When we talked and FaceTime I was always like, ‘You know, I’ve really grown up Justin.’ I always wanted to prove to you what a different person I was when we dated.” The two actors dated each other between 2007 and 2010 and filmed in 2009 he’s Just Not That Into You and of 2010 going away together before breaking up for good.

She recalled about their time together, saying, “We had a lot of fun but we were more hedonistic. A little more immature. We’d get over, we’d break up. It was chaos, it was a lot of fun.” Convinced that she was “the best”, Long described their relationship as “fun chaos” rather than serious.

stopped by barrymore CBS Mornings To discuss Long’s coming to the show ahead of the Season 3 premiere. “Justin and I, we were together at a time when the stakes were low. We weren’t thinking about marriage or kids. We were just having fun,” she said.

Long’s appearance on the show “organically happened” according to Barrymore, who noted that the industry attaches great importance to who is brought in as the show’s first guest. “Season 1, I was like, ‘I want Cameron and Lucy to come,'” Barrymore continued, referring to her Charlie’s Angels co-stars, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu. “These are the people who are meaningful to me. . . I think there is something about taking advantage of the opportunity to make this show a personal journey.”

The hosts had tears in their eyes at the emotional reunion during the Season 3 premiere, but the two fell into their comfortable rhythm, telling jokes that were quickly replaced with laughter. Barrymore also had a genuine spit-reaction to telling a nostalgic story about the couple’s friend, Quentin Tarantino. Long called her “the biggest compliment” after the audience burst into laughter.

The former couple at the premiere of their 2010 film going away,Ian West – PA Images / PA Images / Getty Images

For anyone hoping this means it will lead to a reunion for ex-lovers, unfortunately, that’s out of the question right now: Long is officially off the market and dating Kate Bosworth. But both Barrymore and Long admitted that their long-standing friendship was not something they would give up easily, even joking that they would plan a night out with Bosworth that would be their Is a “supporter” of friendship.

“It’s very important to champion your ex,” Barrymore concluded. “It’s very respectful of what it once was.”

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