Gabrielle Union shared how raising a trans child prepared her to play a homophobic parent: ‘I’m never going to reject my child’

Gabrielle Union discusses playing a homophobic parent in a new movie. Union is raising a transgender daughter, Zaya, with husband Dwayne Wade. (Photo: Chris Delmas/AFP) (Photo by Chris Delmas/AFP via Getty Images)

Gabrielle Union faces a significant challenge in her latest film the inspectionIn which she portrays a homophobic parent.

As parents to 15-year-old trans daughter, Zaya Wade, with husband Dwayne Wade, Union has always been a vocal supporter of the LGBTQ+ community.

“I’m never going to reject my baby. My baby, none of my kids, is disposable,” Union, 49, explained. People And Entertainment Weekly Studio at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival. “But I have a deep desire to be seen as worthy, and for anything that could be threatening, and for some people that includes their children.”

In the film, Union plays Prison guard Inez, who is battling her son’s homosexuality, But understanding his character’s perspective proved to be incredibly Tough.

“As an actress, I usually look for characters that I have some part in. I didn’t see that in Inez,” Union, who also has three-year-old daughter Kavia with Wade, explained. “My darkness defined the common space with Inez, a very vulnerable place, to know that I am even capable.”

Union does her best to identify with her character, looking for ways she can relate to Inez.

“I’ve always looked at homosexuality as trash. ‘Google is free and I’m not doing free labor for you to figure out how to love your child,'” she explained. “But through this process, I’m like, ‘Maybe I’m not that different in terms of getting to that point.'”

In the end, being mary jane The star hopes the film can help families who are struggling to find some common ground and get back together.

“If a family can recover and stay together, it’s a success,” she continued.

Federation took to twitter Back in February to express his anger at Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued a letter after saying that parents who allow their child to undergo “sexual change” procedures, which include taking a puberty blocker, should be reported for child abuse. The union shared Abbott’s letter, writing, “This is where we are. We had a dangerous and horrific shooting a long time ago. The rubber has hit the road so who is standing shoulder to shoulder in this fight? Who is it?” Really gives as a**t and whose on that performative BS? Let’s see.”

Union and Wade are open about navigating their fears as they raise Zaya. Back in June, Wade told CNN’s Poppy Harlow at the Time 100 summit that lawmakers would sign off on state laws restricting the rights of trans youth, as well as other attacks on LGBTQ+ youth, such as “Don’t Say Gay” laws. Signed, he believes Americans are “losing our human side.”

Wade explained, “As sad as it is blessed that my daughter has parents who can support her, I still dread every moment she leaves the house.” “And not just because of gun violence, but because of the way people see it in this world, the way people out there have tried to make decisions. [limit her],

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