Harry and William Ate Apart on Night of Queen’s Death, but Bombshell Text Brought Them Together

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Ever since a distraught Prince Harry was seen sweeping the gates of Balmoral Castle alone, several hours after the Queen’s death, and being pulled out again at 8:30 the next morning, so alone, a determined British To catch an Airways flight back to London, the question of what really happened that night looms large.

Now, some answers have been provided about those mysterious 13 hours by the daily mail Society reporter and columnist Richard Kay, widely regarded as an excellent liaison to King Charles’ camp.

Kay says that, surprisingly, Harry did not see William that evening, and by the time he arrived, William had already been taken to Charles’ home, Birkhall.

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The two brothers thus ate dinner separately, and the first time they saw each other was when they briefly united at Windsor Castle on Saturday in a meticulously staged show of unity.

Kay reports, “Two dinners were being hosted on the royal estate that night and there was a clear division: one was for the new king and his successor, the other for the rest of the family.”

Kay also rejected the suggestion that Charles had arranged for William and Harry and that their wives had come together to see the wreath at Windsor Castle.

He says that, as The Daily Beast has reported, the initiative was William’s. Kay however adds the compelling detail that the older brother reached out to the younger one via text.

Harry accepted the text, and the rest is history.

A source told Kay: “It happened very quickly – remarkable indeed considering they didn’t see each other in Scotland.”

A source previously told The Daily Beast that the decision was made to present a united front, a notion that was confirmed by an insider who said daily mail“These coming days are going to be extremely intense and the only good thing to be able to do is to get through them without distractions.”

Kay doubts that the ceasefire will maintain that position and compares it to the situation that was said to have been played out on the Western Front during World War I on Christmas Day, before hostilities resumed on 26 December. begin.

A lasting issue for William is Harry’s upcoming memoir, in which one source said, “William loves his brother but it is a matter of trust.”

When asked about the possibility of a true reconciliation, a source described by Kay as an “informed person” told him, “The problem is, they’ve barely talked for two years and both sides talked about it. There is both anger and sorrow.”

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