Here’s Everything Coming to Netflix the Week of Sept. 12, 2022

Netflix’s Camila Mendes stars take revenge, Netflix

To say there’s a lot of content coming to Netflix this week might be an understatement. From teen comedies to the return of a beloved baking show, there’s a lot to add to your to-watch list.

One of the most notable debuts take revengeA comedy in which two young women try to take revenge on those who wronged them and star riverdaleof Camila Mendes and strange things’ Maya Hawk. Of course we can’t forget Great British Baking Show is back for another season with a new round of amateur bakers.

Whether you crave comedy or some casual baking vibes, here’s everything coming to Netflix the week of September 12, 2022.

  • September 12
    • Ada Twist, Scientist: Season 3: Young scientist Ada Twist is back.
  • September 13
    • Colette: After ghostwriting for her husband, a woman seeks her own voice.
    • Cyberpunk: Edgerunners: A child tries to survive in a tech-driven world where body modifications are popular.
    • Joe Koy: Live from the Los Angeles Forum: Comedian Joe Coy’s comedy special comes to Netflix.
    • Into the Dark: Season 4: The story continues about a blind woman investigating the murder of her friend.

  • September 14
    • wide top: A man sets out to climb Broad Peak Mountain after realizing he hasn’t completed the trek the first time around.
    • Catholic school: Three students of a Catholic school have committed a shocking crime.
    • Raja, Vicente Fernandez: The life of a Mexican music icon is described.
    • Heartbreak High: A shocking mural has been painted in a school, and the result is more than expected.
    • Disappearance of Lorenskog: Norwegian police are investigating the disappearance of a billionaire’s wife.
    • Our Mother’s Sins: Explore the case of a mother haunted by doomsday prophecies who was accused of murdering her children.

  • September 15
    • Dogs in Space: Season 2: Genetically advanced dogs are sent into space to find a new planet.
    • Intervention: Season 21: The series about drug-and-alcohol intervention has a new season.
    • Condition: Football manager Faith Terim tells his story.
  • September 16
    • Brave people: The goddess who is reincarnated as a woman must avenge the death of her sister.
    • take revenge: Two teenage girls vow to take revenge on those who wronged them.
    • Drifting Home: In this anime movie childhood friends go to sea with the whole community.
    • Destiny: The Beach Saga: Season 2: The second season of the series based on the beloved cartoon is out for streaming.

  • September 16 [Con’t]
    • The Great British Baking Show: Collection 10: Return to the tent in season 10.
    • Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance: A girl competing for a gymnastics scholarship in Australia.
    • I used to be famous: A former boy band star gets a second shot at fame.
    • Saint: Three people of different destinies unite in India to save a city.
    • Love Is Blind: After the Altar: Season 2: Watch the second season after Pods in this follow-up reality series love is blind,

  • September 16 [Con’t]
    • mirror Mirror: Employees of a cosmetics company analyze their desires.
    • Santo: Two cops are on the hunt for an international drug dealer.
    • Scandal! Bringing down Wirecard: Explore the rise and fall of Wirecard in this documentary.
    • This is the end: A group of celebrities are stuck together after the apocalypse in this dark comedy.

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