Hockey Goalie Mikayla Demaiter Is Exhausted, Tom Brady Looks Strange & Exhausted, Plus LIV Golf Has Beer Carts!

There’s Something About a Perfect Backyard Fire While Working on the Bush Light with Florida State—Louisville on Patio TV

Let’s start this morning by saying how much I appreciated the 75-degree, no wind, Friday mid-September night with a raging fire that burned a large tree limb that I cut down while in Florida The state and Louisville did what felt like 10 turnovers.

just perfect.

My favorite part of that night is when I throw a massive log out from under the tree and Mrs. Screencaps panics at the height of the fire. There’s something about pushing the limits on a Friday night in suburbia.

Relax, this is perfect fire.

Are you sure?

Actually, it needs a more massive log.

I know those of you with property will email me the raging hell you’ve built on your 20-acre sprawling, but that type of fire is nothing compared to a suburban fire where wives share the concern that It’s about to exit the ring of fire and start burning the neighbor’s pine and set fire to the subdivision’s forest.

Let us fathers of the suburbs feel alive for a minute. Let us take pride in the fiery hell that is right above the split rail fence.

It’s football day at Kinsey House. This will be the first time we’ll have a Saturday morning soccer doubleheader and it amazes me how some of you do it with multiple kids at travel games. We have two matches: one hour each.

That’s it.

9 to 10.


Boom. Complete. go for lunch. Get down on the day. college football. Courtyard Beer. swimming pool. Fierce flames.

I believe it was John F in NW Ohio who sent me a picture of his wife’s calendar where she organized their kids’ soccer schedules and poor John packed his Saturdays and Sundays all fall did.

Good luck to all the dads trying to watch college football and the NFL while watching football matches.

Dangerous spinning wheel of TV streaming

• Steve C. in Midlothian, VA writes:

We sometimes see spinning wheel popups while using TV apps… Amazon, Netflix, etc. It’s frustrating when you’re paying good money for these “services”. Paid for TV only. Paid for internet delivery. Paid for the app. Paid for electricity to do all this work.

To combat the spinning wheel popping up, we’ve found that going through the very painful process of clearing the cache on all apps helps. Clear the cache on all apps, not just the particular app you are using. That’s the painful part.

Hope this can help.

Garage Fridge Art

• Have I ever told you that this is the most important community on the Internet? Now, I know there are all kinds of YouTube videos that will help you accomplish your goals, but the beauty of this community is that we bring solutions to problems you didn’t know you needed to solve in your life. is required.

This keg fridge shelf thing hits home for me. I have this issue but didn’t really plan on solving it until Errxn came along and showed me the way.

Pass the Word, America’s Best Daily Column, *as readers have named it, is in the field right now. To tell. your friends. Add this column to your daily text thread.

• Todd Z definitely shopped at Costco. The key to this fridge is sparkling water. Stop and think about how versatile sparkling water is in the garage beverage world:

unnamed 38

• Rob Deeji’s wife has a great idea for a garage fridge door when he moves out:

My wife has told me that when old Frigidaire finally begins, We have to remove the doors and hang them like artwork in the garage. Oh yes! What a great idea, and that’s exactly what I will do when the time comes (hopefully no time soon, I love that fridge). Then I would start fresh with a new garage fridge, possibly another ‘rescue’ from the garage sale!

A great weekend of football is coming our way, Saturday Go UW Husky and WSU Cougar, Sunday Go Seahawks (Born and raised in Seattle, I love my Texas but my football heart is in PNW).

Thanks for the great work as always look forward to it daily with my morning coffee,

• Reid in Minnetonka, MN looks at your garage fridge setup and picks you up an office tiki bar:

New to outkick/screencap last month. Really enjoy taking all things honestly…became a part of my daily.

A few days late for the “garage fridge” antagonist…

I have the garage fridge needed at home and the kegerator in the ready basement. covered on that front.

Although at work, I’ve been accused of storing our old school garage fridge in the office (a garage actually) in addition to our legitimate, fully stocked tiki-bar! Believe it or not, we get some work done.

keep doing good work!

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The Art of Horseradish from an Expert

• Mark B writes:

For the first time / for a long time. I am a farmer from Illinois who raised horseradish for more than twenty years before the labor intensity of the operation left me with it. If you want to grow bigger roots to maximize income it requires about 200 times more man hours per acre than corn/soybeans.

To answer his question while complimenting the boy, the key is a blender and vinegar. The heat from horseradish comes from crushing enzymes in the root. More crushing / more heat. Some old-timers will strain to add vinegar to the blender of late, believing that the vinegar slows the breakdown of enzymes. If you make horseradish and after a few months it starts to lose strength or turn a little gray, throw it back in the blender. good as new.

Connect me to Beau if he’s interested, but I noticed he has “perennial” horseradish that can crop up every year along a fence row. I grew it as an annual crop. Simply replant the root section in the new environment. I had to suck the seedling (think thinning out the radish) from the head of the plant and lift it (snaking off any roots from the bottom of the plant head) to form a root that was over a pound (3″ in size) x 8″) with roots available for planting the following year. It’s super easy to clean and chop for a blender, not to mention overpowering.

Sharing with Beau, In My World Sam’s Club (no Costcos) has a 24 oz block of Farmers Cheese for less than $6/lb.

Honor to give back to Screen Caps! keep doing good work!

Cantwell Cliffs – The Place In Ohio That’s Hard To Believe Is Ohio With The Swimming Hole Shown In Friday’s Screencaps – Review

• Todd S. writes:

In May rented Cliffs House in Hocking Hills and lived with seven other couples. Amazing place and highly recommended for any of your readers who want to get out of the ordinary vacation. Nice walking tour in the area including Old Mans Cave. The swimming hole and waterfall are awesome even though it wasn’t hot back in May. Perhaps a great place to swim in the middle of a humid Ohio summer.

Thanks and keep up the good work, the yard got striped last night!!

hulu review

I made a mention of Hulu and drove the email inbox like a Martha’s Vineyard resident when Ron dropped off a load of immigrants.

• Tim T. in Tennessee writes:

We switched to Hulu several years ago and have loved it. The channel guides are in alphabetical order, which can be a pain, but there is a solution. The “Recent” guide, all the channels you last watched, this is an extra click compared to the previous button, but allows you to jump to more than just the previous game you were watching. This is the last 10 channels you have watched, which are very slick. I have 2 TVs, so over the weekend, I can get any game on the TV quickly.

• Bill in Canton, Oh writes:

I’m a big screencap fan and my day doesn’t officially start until I’ve read the screencap. There’s actually a Last Channel button on Hulu Live. I discovered this about 3 weeks ago and I’ve had Hulu for 2+ years. Press the Up button using your Roku remote or Smart TV remote, which will keep the screen on but show how much time is left in the show, you can pause, etc., and on the screen to the left of the Play button there’s an End Channel button. Is. I hope that helps!

dildo play

How do I know if the Screencaps community suits my mind? Several people on the Oklahoma highway told me about the dildo spill.

• David C. writes:

Listen to the helicopter pilot, I think he knew what the cargo was. “Here we have a semi that overturned and lost its weight and that included a box truck”.


• The Guy G of Western New York is back and it was all the subject of the blower in Friday’s Screencaps. He sells them!

I couldn’t let it go. A Toro blower is on the field today. Cruel! I’ll pick you up the Buffalo Turbine Blower.

unnamed 2 17
roof removal
unnamed 4 5
20” Diesel Blower Designed for NASCAR

Oak Leaf Removal!

I have left all my signature in this time, because that’s what I sell. Can’t let the competition simply occupy the dominant position, without at least one mention.

unnamed 11

• Bill W. in VA, who sent in Toro football field blowers, writes back:

I want to follow up on a video of a guy blowing the grass off the football field.

I was helping fix the sound system at a local high school and we were taking a lunch break at the press box when I saw the groundkeeper blowing up the ground. I immediately thought that Joe Kinsey and the TMNL crew would appreciate the ingenuity of these guys.

And that’s it, I get to go to the soccer field for a two-hour soccer bender, watching kids run into each other and shin kicks at each other.

Have a nice weekend. Enjoy that vintage college football schedule and build a suburb that blazes fire.


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