‘It Is Such a Shame’: After Hulu Controversy, Mike Tyson Takes Drastic Step Against Jamie Foxx

Boxing legend Mike Tyson was in the midst of a controversy with streaming platform Hulu over the launch of his biopic ‘Mike’. The former heavyweight champion slammed Hulu for portraying his story without proper consent. He also expressed displeasure over the series on social media calling the streaming service ‘Slave Masters’.

In addition, Iron Mike confirmed that he is starring in another biopic alongside actor Jamie Foxx. The film is directed by ‘Training Day’ director Antoine Fuqua and produced by Martin Scorsese. The film would have released in 2020, but was put on hold due to frequent changes in producers and directors.


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And now it looks like Foxx might not be the latest victim of a change in film. The Django Unchained actor has been working on the project for eight years to fully portray Tyson. However, Iron Mike has stated that Foxx may exit the project entirely.

Jamie Foxx has been dropped from the upcoming Mike Tyson biopic

A close Vegas business associate said Tyson was concerned about Fox’s age, as it would be difficult to cast Foxx as a young Mike Tyson, a 54-year-old. ,Mike is telling people that Jamie is no longer going to play his character. They’re apparently friends, but somehow Jamie’s whole proposal to start out as 20-Mike won’t work. , he said.

Furthermore, he also revealed that the production team is also looking for athletes or actors who can play Tyson. He also claimed that it was a shame to see Foxx out after working so hard for the role. ,They are scouting casting agencies for an athlete who can act. It’s such a shame that Jamie has been telling people to play Mike for years.” He added.

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He then praised Foxx, stating that he would have been perfect to play Tyson. ,Not only are his voice and body gestures completely down, but his body was in tremendous shape.,


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NEW YORK, NEW YORK – AUGUST 22: Mike Tyson attends the City Taste of Tennis. On August 22, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for AYS Sports Marketing)

According to Tyson, the Hulu series harmed him by trying to get every side of the story except him. The former champion will now be excited to bring his story to the fore, even if it doesn’t involve great actors like Foxx.

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