James Cameron Was Worried Avatar 2 Might Have Taken Too Long

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that long awaited Avatar The sequel is almost here.
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After earning almost one film $3 billion at the global box officeyou have to imagine the studio behind it To cash in immediately. Get the Sequel in Theaters ASAP, strike while the iron is hot. Avatar the director James Cameron Not that kind of person though. he doesn’t rush things, And yet, he even admits that it will take 13 years. Mega Hits of 2009 and its December sequel Avatar: The Path of Water He was worried a little.

“I was a little worried that I had extended the tether too far, in my fast-paced, modern world, Avatar 2 Coming after 12 years,” Cameron revealed new York Times, “Okay until we dropped the teaser trailer, and we got 148 million views in 24 hours. There’s that rare sighting but wonder at the theory, which is, ‘Wow, we haven’t seen this in a long time, but I remember how cool it was back then.'” Cameron continued. plays in? I don’t know I think we’re going to find out.”

Cameron is no stranger to sequels, with a long wait in between. In the same interview, he revealed that he made alien creatures Seven years after the first film, and it is considered one of the greatest sequels of all time. he also made Terminator 2: Judgment Day Seven years after the original and not only is it considered one of the greatest sequels of all time, it outperformed the original. so even if he concerned about Avatar 2 For a while, he had some evidence that waiting and fixing it might work. “I wish I could have made a [Avatar] Sequel two years later and bombed it as people had no connection with the characters or the direction of the film,” he said.

But Cameron hasn’t produced an out-and-out “bomb” in 40 years. His track record is basically unmatched. So we have to imagine, having worked on this film for over a decade, his care and confidence is through the roof. However, one thing he couldn’t work on at the time is of avatar cultural influence, Which is not close to other mega blockbusters of its time. It grossed nearly $3 billion and yet, there are very few toys on the shelves, quotes in the lexicon, and only a smattering of extremely brave cosplayers. It will be interesting to see that not only does the film become a hit, but how big a hit it is-OneAnd if the wait will bring a new generation of fans. Then there’s the follow-up, though the waits for all the latter Avatar The sequel would be minuscule in comparison. Avatar 3 Scheduled for release in December 2024 with parts 4 and 5 are coming after last two years. Can it happen too short to wait, Who knows? Well, maybe James Cameron.

for one Avatar Refresher, the original film is back in theaters this weekend. Avatar: The Path of Water Opens on 16 December.

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