John Oliver slams ‘Law & Order’ creator Dick Wolf for glorifying NYPD

John Oliver has lashed out at “Law & Order” producer Dick Wolf, claiming that his long-running TV cop franchise presents law enforcement in light of a perverted “good guy”.

The 45-year-old British comedian criticized Wolf’s signature work on Sunday night’s episode of “Last Week Tonight”.

Oliver noted how Wolf, 75, has a “close, behind-the-scenes relationship with the NYPD, which employs officers as advisors and boasts about their reach.”

He then revealed a previous interview with an anonymous “Law & Order” writer, who claimed that it would be too “difficult” for the NYPD to continue filming in the Big Apple if the series depicted police in a more realistic, critical way. will make

The chat show host further explained that since Wolf’s franchise works closely with the police, there is a lot of precision in how the law is portrayed. Details such as “specific legislation, jargon and crime scene procedures” are properly delineated, Oliver said.

“But importantly it also creates too many choices that distort the bigger picture of the police,” he said, adding that the right criminal is usually arrested in the middle of the episode – and justice is served by the end.

Dick Wolf created the “Law & Order” franchise in 1990, and the show is still on the air today.
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However, Oliver explained that this is very unrealistic, as not every court case is resolved so quickly and about “97% of cases” do not go to trial.

“Obviously, ‘Law & Order’ cannot reflect that reality,” Oliver said. “It won’t be observable.”

He also pointed out how defendants are typically “disproportionately white, male, older, and from the middle or upper class” and pointed out that Wolf once said that “there are no rich-white-male pressure groups. You Rich white people can do anything they want and nobody cares.”

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Oliver discussed the widely popular procedural drama “Law & Order” in a recent episode of his talk show, “Last Week Tonight.”
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But Oliver questioned the notion, saying that executive producers “wanted people to be liked”. [the] Good boy cops” and highly accusatory people after people of color will not do that.

Oliver said, “‘Law & Order’ is never going to grapple with the reality of policing in a meaningful way.” “Because basically, the guy who’s responsible for ‘Law & Order’ and its brand is Dick Wolf, and he knows exactly what he wants his shows to do and, more importantly, do do not.”

Oliver continued: “[The series] presents a world where the police can always find out who did it, defense lawyers are there to remove troubling roadblocks, and even if a cop can arrest a suspect Upset if all it takes is looking for a fair result.

The post has reached out to Wolf’s reps for comment.

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