King Charles’ Cousin Criticizes the Royal Family’s Extra Dishing of ‘Hellish Hazing’ Geared at Meghan Markle

According to King Charles III’s cousin, royal Serbian descendant Kristina Oxenberg, the royal family’s cold behavior toward Meghan Markle isn’t out of the ordinary – they give her an extra helping of “hellish haze” compared to other women who enter the family. Huh. Because, you know, treating every outsider like crap is okay to disrespect Meghan even more.

Shared with Oxenberg, third cousin of King Charles, whose mother is Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia PostVia page six“If [Meghan] Might just hang in there, someone else will come along who can take the heat. Nobody gets a pass.”

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She claimed that Kate Middleton also faced ridicule from the royal family, who reportedly thought the UK media’s nickname, “Kate Middle Class” for her prior to her marriage to Prince William, was funny. Sounds quite classist to us, which is another perceived tasteless addition to the royal family’s resume.

Oxenberg claimed that when Prince Michael of Kent, Queen Elizabeth II’s first cousin, married Czech-German Baroness Marie Christine von Reibnitz in 1978, “he was treated the same way Meghan was treated. [has been] Treat – with this mockery and lack of respect.”

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Criticizing the royal family, Oxenberg made excuses for them, claiming that “it was all done out of habit and not filled with hatred and violent conspiracy.”

She continued to excuse her behavior specifically towards Meghan, saying, “They are tough on foreigners. It’s not about the color of your skin, it’s about being a foreigner.” while there are Plenty of the allegations supporting his cruelty to Meghan really Regarding the color of her skin – speculations about the depth of Prince Archie’s skin tone and the UK media turning a blind eye to racist headlines about Meghan, for starters – her status as a “foreigner” makes them Doesn’t give her a license to behave recklessly, they have an unsympathetic, disrespectful approach.

Oxenberg also pointed out that Prince Harry followed the “class system” of the family in marrying and marrying Meghan by taking all the (old) necessary steps set by the system of the Crown, and they allowed her to do so. So, says Oxenberg, “[They] Harry’s choice to be with Meghan must be respected.

We can throw the royal family system back in their face and excuse their mistreatment of Meghan as something all outsiders in the family do, but at the end of the day, they just have to be decent people because it’s right and Right job. There really isn’t anything other than that, even though they sometimes think how above it they are.

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Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle

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