Kobe Bryant Planned to Cameo on ‘Saved by the Bell’ Reboot Days Before His Death

Josie Tota and Alicia Pascual-Pea recall the “real” moment they found out they would be working with an NBA legend.

Kobe Bryant

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Kobe Bryant is best known for his 20-year career playing basketball for the Los Angeles Lakers, but the Oscar winner has always had a foothold in the entertainment industry as well. As it turns out, he came close to securing another screen credit before his tragic death in February 2020.

In a new episode of their “Dare We Say” podcast (via Entertainment Weekly), actresses Josie Tota and Alicia Pascual-Pea, who starred on Peacock’s short-lived reboot of “Saved by the Bell,” revealed that basketball Giants of the show appeared almost. Bryant had been a fan of the original series and was scheduled to film a cameo on the reboot a few days before the helicopter crash in which he and his daughter were killed.

“A wild thing that I don’t think many people know, or that it doesn’t matter at all because obviously, when it comes to this legend and the passing of his daughter, we are of the least importance, but We were actually supposed to film Two Days After Death with Kobe,” Parrot said.

While it’s unclear which episode Bryant will appear in or what role he will play, both actresses recalled the apparent excitement on set when Bryant’s casting was revealed.

“I remember he passed by our best friend Anjelica Washington,” Pascual-Pea said. “She called me specifically because she knew I’d been talking about it with her for a month – that I was so excited to meet Kobe on set and I couldn’t believe he was the first ‘ Was a fan of ‘Saved By The Bell’ and he was excited to be on the show.”

While both actresses were saddened by Bryant’s death and regret missing the opportunity to work with him, they both feel strongly that he left a legacy worthy of respect and admiration.

“It is truly beautiful and eye-opening to see how one person can bring happiness to so many. Some people live their entire lives, passing away until they see their full impact on the world. Pascual-Pea said. “Thankfully Kobe was given his flowers. The man was so loved and so respected.”

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