Lebanese fans celebrate Mayyas winning ‘America’s Got Talent’ with tears of joy and hope

Maya’s victory America’s Got Talent The Lebanese audience was worth over $1 million.

The dance troupe’s victory, which won them the seven-figure award on Wednesday night, offered a glimmer of hope for the country and its population, which are facing a flurry of crises and bad news.

“We haven’t shed tears of joy in this country for so long, and the Mayas did it,” says 24-year-old Reem Nasra, who is admitted to Beirut.

Maiya first made international headlines when she received the Golden Buzzer from judge Sofia Vergara for her performance during an audition, which secured her place in the semi-finals.

“There are no words to explain to you what we were feeling here,” Vergara said at the time. “It was the most beautiful, creative dance I’ve ever seen.”

We haven’t shed tears of happiness for so long in this country and Maya has done it.

Reem Nasra, 24

Since then, the Lebanese group embarked on a series of breathtaking routines as they progressed to the final. And, his journey to the top with compatriots around the world.

“They are an example of what a synchronized group of Lebanese is capable of achieving,” says Eli Latouf, 26, a postdoctoral researcher at Harvard Medical School in the US. “Victory like this sends a global message.”

Watch Maya’s victory moment in ‘America’s Got Talent’ here

Lebanon is currently facing an economic crisis described by the World Bank as one of the worst in 150 years. According to a United Nations study, the financial collapse has pushed more than 80 percent of the population into poverty, while inflation and living expenses have reached record highs.

The country’s plight has made global news, highlighting everything from its fuel crisis to the deadly Beirut port explosion in 2020.

Lattouf says it was refreshing to see Lebanon in a different light as a beacon of arts and culture.

“Most people know Lebanon from what they see on the news, which unfortunately may not be entirely misleading,” he tells WebMD. National, “This time the world sees not one, but a group of Lebanese, full of art, creativity and discipline.”

Latouf’s sentiment is echoed by many other Lebanese people, who are proud of the group’s outstanding representation on the global stage.

“This is our Lebanon, the real one,” says 26-year-old Rima Hijazi.

Looking from his home in Chauif, southeast of Beirut, the agricultural engineer luckily had electricity overnight to stream the final live. Many other homes in Lebanon did not have electricity, which prompted private TV station LBCI to campaign for generator owners to keep the lights on before the show.

Lebanon’s power crisis is one of the many obstacles the Maya had to overcome while practicing.

Despite many obstacles, the girls worked long hours with determination to clinch the title.

According to the group’s founder and choreographer Nadeem Cherfan, the team was in the studio on a daily basis and would “only go out when the power was turned off”.

“When it’s about art, there’s nothing in your way,” he previously said National,

Watch Mayas during ‘America’s Got Talent’ auditions

According to many Lebanese, his hard work and diligence made him more deserving of victory. It is also a testament to the country’s capability despite the odds.

“This victory means that our desire to live and be successful, regardless of what we are going through, outweighs all suffering,” says Yara Yusuf, 25, a marketing coordinator in Beirut.

Amidst the pride and hope, Maya also aroused a grim feeling for some.

“It hurts a little to know that if you have the potential in Lebanon, you have to give up to reach your goals,” Hijazi tells National. “We’re in the wrong place to bloom.”

But despite her international achievement, Maya is returning to Lebanon, where she will continue to work on her art.

While Cherfan is asked why he continues to work in Beirut, he is adamant on going back to where he started.

“I’m never leaving my country because my country never left me,” he says.

Updated: 15 September 2022, at 11:59 am

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