Megan Piphus Peace Is Bringing ‘Sunny Days’ to Sesame Street As Its 1st Black Woman Puppeteer

Sesame Street Puppeteer Megan Piffus Peace.

Sesame Street Puppet Megan Piffus Peace.
screenshot, Vanderbilt University

Like a lot of kids, Megan Piffus Peace assumed puppets Sesame Street And Lamb Chop’s Play-Along “Were real and didn’t know someone was operating them.” These classic children’s shows were where the Vanderbilt alum first discovered his interest in puppetry and ventriloquism. Of course, at the time, she had no idea that her childhood charm would propel her to make history as the first black female puppeteer on Sesame Street.

Shanti attended a puppet convention at the age of 10, then hone her craft through various means Performing in daycare, church and festivals when she was a teenager. as an adult, She went on to pursue a career in finance, but her artistic side was still calling to her.

“I consider the magic of ventriloquism to be to share that experience with someone else and make them believe our conversation is real,” she said. MyVU News of Vanderbilt University,

Peace presented a video audition in 2017, then in March 2020 she was approached by puppet captain Matt Vogel, who also stars as Kermit the Frog and Big Bird, for a virtual tour to teach her Muppet-style puppetry. Invites you to attend the workshop.

Vogel said, “It takes time to go through video submissions, but once we do, we want to invite people to a workshop where we can hone their skills as a puppeteer and actor. lets see.” “Zoom isn’t an ideal way to hold a workshop, but we made the best of it and Megan was game to learn.”

The popular series was working on a special about racial justice called the power of us And a six-year-old black girl named Gabrielle was looking for someone to perform Muppet.

“Megan was our choice from the start,” Vogel said. “She already had lip sync skills from her abilities as a ventriloquist, but she didn’t know monitor work, which is harder than it looks.”

when she joined Sesame Street In September 2021, little didn’t know that she was making history as the first black woman to be her puppet.

“I would have cried like a baby on 123 Steps if they had told me earlier,” admitted Shanti. set of ” Sesame Street It’s like walking in the imagination. There really is something to be had. ,

I liked the idea that she found her way to puppetry and is now educating kids Sesame StreetBut it’s still disappointing that it took a show about recognizing and understanding differences that long for a black woman to perform as one of the Muppets.

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