New ‘Black Adam’ Trailer Shows Off the Film’s Villain, Sabbac

Final trailer for the upcoming DC Extended Universe movie black adam The star power of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and the complex morality of the Titanic character continue to play out. Now, let’s take an even better look at what the villainous Black Adam will be battling.

black adam Probably leans more on star power than any other DCEU movie since suicide squad, as a star with one of the most bankable leads in Hollywood. It makes for an interesting variety film (though still disappointing that Black Adam is not played by a MENA actor, but the villain). I’m curious to see how this movie comes together, because it’s probably the most positive thing DC will have for a while, given everything else that’s going on behind the scenes at parent company Warner Bros.

so who exactly Is The villain who must try to provide a match for not only Black Adam, but Dwayne Johnson?

Who is the lesson?

Helmed by Hot Jafar, actor Marwan Kenjari, Sabbak will make his live-action debut in this film. The character’s Hellboy-like appearance suggests that the character is a half-human, half-demon who was given the power by Hell to rival the Captain Marvel family (or, in this case, the Shazam family). Originally a human named Timothy Carnes, when he calls out the names Sabbak (Satan, Ayum, Belial, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, and Cretis), black lightning strikes him from the pits of Hell and kills him with a group of “supers”. Transforms into a giant demon. Abilities: Super-Strength, Super-Speed, Flight, Fire Breath, and the ability to release bursts of fire from the palms of his hands.

Karna was not the only person to receive Sabbak’s powers. Ishmael Gregor was a Russian mobster who killed Karna to steal his powers and became a more “wild” version of the villain, losing a humanoid-demon look to a more horned and hoofed version. I’m sure it’s someone’s choice.

sabbac in black adam
Sabbach and Hawkman’s square up

It looks like this variant may be a combination of both. This version (at least in the trailer) isn’t seven feet tall, but it has horned and hairy animal elements that are… Otherwise too. We also, in this trailer, get a scene of Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, which makes me wonder if that’s part of the pulling of the strings behind bringing Carnes or Gregor into play against the threat of Black Adam. . It certainly looks like something she would do.

(featured image: DC)

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