Ozzy Osbourne Fans Destroy NBC For Not Showing Halftime Concert During Bills-Rams

Ozzy Osbourne fans feel like NBC pulled a bat-and-switch on them during Thursday night’s Bills-Rams game and they want to talk to a manager.

As reported by media outlets Rolling stone that the prince of darkness would be “titled” [a] show for the first time in nearly four years,” fans were left high and dry by NBC producers, who decided to show Ozzy for 10 seconds before cutting its halftime game analysis.

Osbourne, 73, who recently announced that he was fed up with gun violence and was moving back to England, launched in the title track of his new album patient number 9 And fans were astounded to see such a view during a football game, usually reserved for the safest place for a pop singer or a safe pop rock band like Train.

It was a fleeting moment as the plug was pulled on Ozzy before moving on with Tommy Klufatos on drums, Chris Chaney on bass and Andrew Watts on guitar.

Here’s how Rolling Stone boosted the performance:

GettyImages 1422075485
Ozzy Osbourne performs during half time of an NFL game between the Los Angeles Rams and Buffalo Bills at Sophie Stadium.. (Photo by Kevork Jensezian/Getty Images)

You can see why OG fans, who have no interest in the game of football, would go crazy. Outside of a surprise performance at the Commonwealth Games in England last month, Ozzy hadn’t performed live in nearly three years.

NBC fans expected to see a special moment.

And then he didn’t show it. Why the crazy train? Fans went crazy.

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