Queen Elizabeth II’s Death Miraculously Inspires Kanye West to Let Go of ‘All Grudges’

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its effect Obviously, the death of Queen Elizabeth II cannot be underestimated. The loss of the long-gone British monarch has prompted Kanye West, of all, to settle his many beefs.

In a new Instagram post this morning, West posted a series of slides depicting the death of the Queen at the age of 96. “Life is precious,” the rapper wrote alongside two old photos of Her Majesty. “Today all grievances are being removed. Bending in the light.”

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It is currently unclear to which complaint the Post refers, or whether West plans to release them no longer than today. The rapper has recently been involved in several feuds with several people including Pete Davidson, Kid Cudi, and John Legend. He’s also taking aim at brands like Gap and Adidas this week, accusing fashion companies of kicking him out of meetings and stealing his designs, after previously arranging for his Yeezy line to be taken down.

Last month, Kid Cudi reacted to the turbulent end of his relationship with Ye in an interview. SirSaying that it would be “a terrifying miracle for me and that man to be friends again.”

The two artists have been linked for over a decade, working together on various projects including the 2018 collaborative album, baby ghost see, while also quarreling and reconciling on some occasions. Earlier this year, however, their relationship appeared to be falling apart after Cudi was kicked out of Ye Cudi. wound 2 and shared a photo on Instagram of Cudi and Pete Davidson — who was dating West’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian at the time — of X’s face. In return, Cudi tweeted, “Too bad I don’t want to be on your album, u fuckin dinosaur.”

On the side of Davidson, who dated West’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian for nine months before the couple called it quits, West has been particularly vicious. After Davidson and Kardashian split in August, West took to Instagram to share a photoshopped new York Times Front page that reads: “Skate Davidson Dead at 28.”

The subscript took aim at Cudi, mocking the artist’s recent departure from Rolling Loud mid-set. “Kid Cudi was meant to play funerals, but was afraid of bottle throwers,” it read in reference to the fact that Cuddy was forced to perform at the festival, after the rapper exited his headlining slot at the last minute. was tapped, only to be taunted and harassed by members of the audience who had hoped to see West.

“It’s really weird,” Davidson said of the situation during a standup routine in May. “People try to give you advice but even friends bigger than me are like, ‘I don’t know. He looks so crazy, bro. Success to you! Sorry. Here’s what you need.'”

Well, thank you Your Excellency, is probably on its way to forgiveness.

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