Rick and Morty Sparks Beth’s Most Shocking Love Affair in Newest Episode

rick and morty Season 6 is back up and running with the third episode, and quite a bit has already happened this season! The sixth season picked up right where everything was left off and revealed an even bigger scale that could change the course of the series going forward. Although the second episode seemed lighter and more episodic, it also got to the root of the chaos in Morty and Rick’s ever-changing relationship. This raised all kinds of questions about what might happen next as there is still an entire Smith family to grow.

rick and morty Season 6 Episode 3 is titled “Bethick Twinstinct,” and a first look at the new episodes leading up to its premiere sets up an episode that could really go either way. With this particular being the Thanksgiving special of the season, and after the tease featuring Space Beth more as we’ll see her move into more action, the episode itself has all kinds of exciting elements! Here are the details of all the important things that happened during episode 3 of the season:

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  • It’s a Thanksgiving episode (as Rick enters as a turkey after being pardoned, much like his plan from Season 5) as Morty reveals that Space Beth has come to visit and brought a very realistic gaming console. . Rick doesn’t want to stick around, but both Beth engage him in it. Jerry is very upset about a toast that means he will end his life if anything happens to their marriage again.
  • The two Beths connect once again as the two of them connect on a deeper level because both of them know how each of them works. Meanwhile, Rick, Morty and Summer play the game on the console and crack its realism settings to the max. Later that night, the two meet Beth from outside and spark almost romantic tension between the two as they leave each other behind. Then they almost kiss before it is revealed that Summer had seen them hooking up in almost the same way.
  • The next day Summer decides to throw herself into the gaming console entirely (as she and Rick play a version of Street Fighter), and she becomes a little suspicious of Beth as they head into deep space for ice cream. go. The two Beths then float above Earth in their space suits as Space Beth reveals that they must be completely open to each other as only each other can understand. It is here that they start to freak out completely after the two of them get too close.
  • Morty sees them getting out, and he decides to play a full-blown realistic video game with Summer, too. It is through this that they both relay to each other that they find out what is going on with their mothers, while simultaneously trying not to say what it would mean… especially for their fathers. Believing in her father, Rick tells him that everything basically happens, but he warns what it could mean if Beth is lying to her family in order to keep their new relationship afloat. .
  • It continues, naturally. Beth confides in Space Beth about telling Rick, and they try to figure out whether to tell the rest of their family. This is where they do not know whether they have fallen in love with themselves or not. Jerry is still oblivious to the situation as Summer and Morty try and avoid getting Jerry into it and learning the truth. The two Beths then try to figure out whether their future will work out by searching for it in the Hollow Deck. Soon, Rick, Morty and Summer confront the two about their affair.
  • Space Beth backs down against telling Jerry about it because they’ve had to force themselves into their roles for so long, and Beth then begins to argue against each other. This is where Space Beth fully confesses about her affair, and it makes Jerry think about the past. He had warned about Beth’s ferocity as a child, and his younger self was in on the idea. It is soon revealed that Jerry can roll into a shell like a pillbug on Revelations as Rick had previously set it up.
  • Rick reveals that Jerry wanted an emotional security system in the world, and thus Rick cannot reverse it as Jerry activates this form to protect himself and is locked in a mass of nerves. The two begin to argue over their fracturing case in response to Jerry shooting himself, and they can’t really accept how it ends for both of them. As a result, the two want Beth to completely forget the memories of their affair while Rick tells them both that it will mean that the rest of the family will remember everything anyway.
  • Jerry comes out to Pillbug and insists that he leave Beth instead, and as they try to argue against him, the two make Beth realize that this was the root of her problem with everything. That they did not tell him about this affair. in the first place. This is where Jerry and Space Beth’s sexual tastes align, and it begins a new relationship between the three of them as Rick, Summer and Morty are eating Thanksgiving dinner in awkward silence while listening from the other room.
  • They try to move through awkward conversations and instead break down emotionally because they can’t escape the use of their portal. Soon after, the Space Beth escapes and Rick hides the wine that started it to make it through. After the credits, Jerry returns to Jerrybore and is turned down because all he ultimately wanted to do was find another Jerry and kiss him. He is able to do this outside in the street.

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