Royal family members pictured for first time after Queen’s death – all the photos

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Several members of the British royal family have emerged from Balmoral Castle and photographed for the first time since Queen’s death.

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Prince Andrew and daughters Princess Eugenie And Princess Beatrice Crathie was seen in a black car leaving the Royal Residence to visit Kirk this afternoon. Prince Edward and his wife Sophie Wessex and daughter Lady Louise Windsor traveled in a different car and Zara Tindall And Peter Phillips Traveled too.

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All members of the royal family arrived in Scotland on Thursday and Friday, at a prayer meeting held at Crathy Kirk near Balmoral Castle. queens Death, seen wearing black clothes.

Prince Edward comforts his daughters as he reads tribute

Upon returning to Balmoral from a short prayer service, members of the royal family got out of their cars just before the bridge over the Dee River that leads to the palace.

Princess Anne was seen for the first time since the death of her mother

The crowd erupted in applause as the royal family greeted the Queen before going out to members of the public wishing to offer their condolences.

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He praised the flowers and tributes left by the members of the public

Led by the Duke of York and the Earl of Wessex, the group passed the crowd outside Balmoral to see the wreath left in memory of the Queen. The Countess, holding the hand of her daughter Lady Louise, also thanked well-wishers.

Countess of Wessex

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Upon hearing that a group had come from Glasgow to show their support, Prince Edward said: “Thank you so much for coming this way, we appreciate it.”

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie

Andrew replied when a mourner asked how he was: “We have been given permission one day, now let’s start the process of handing it over.” He continued: “Nice to see you, thanks for coming.”

Royals arose from Balmoral Castle for the first time since the death of the Queen

The family spent only less than ten minutes reading tributes and admiring the flowers before returning inside Balmoral Castle.

The royals only stayed for ten minutes

Three of the Queen’s four children have been at Balmoral since Thursday. Princess Anne, 72, was one of the first to visit Her Majesty’s bedside on Thursday, as she – along with King Charles III – was already in Scotland, so she had to make a short visit.

The royals greet well-wishers at the gates of Balmorali

The only daughter of the queen joined Prince Williamher brother and sister in law Sophie Wessex, who came together after his death.

Princess Anne looked sad

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Prince Harry He also reached Balmoral, arriving in a black suit in the evening after his death was announced at 18.30 BST on Thursday 8 September 2022. queen’s granddaughter, Princess EugeniePrincess Beatrice And Zara Tindall also led on Friday.

King Charles, Camilla, William and Harry are all now gone. Moved back to London for Charles and Camilla Charles to resume his royal dutiesIncluding a meeting with new Prime Minister Liz Truss, who was appointed by the Queen just days before his death.

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