See Scott Bakula’s Replacement In The First Quantum Leap Video

The full Quantum Leap reboot trailer is here, and we finally get a good look at Raymond Lee, who is replacing Scott Bakula.

by Douglas Helm | published

We’ve got a brief teaser for NBC’s upcoming long jump There was a reboot not too long ago, but now we have a full trailer. In the trailer, we get to introduce Dr. Ben Song (Raymond Lee), the replacement for Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula). We also meet Addison (Caitlin Bassett), a decorated Army veteran who appears as a hologram to help guide Ben through his jump. Plus, as you can see in the trailer above, it looks like the two seem to have a romantic relationship – one that Ben doesn’t seem to remember.

While we don’t see Scott Bakula in the trailer, long jump It looks like the reboot is faithfully following the formula that made the original so enjoyable. We have Dr. Song in many different lives, including a getaway driver and a female rock star, trying to fix something to make the future a better place in the process. The trailer also helps introduce us to the central mystery of the new show. Apparently, Ben Song leads the new Quantum Leap project, and he makes an unapproved leap without informing anyone. Since he can’t remember who or where he is, they have to find out why he made the jump in the first place.

With characters from Raymond Lee and Caitlin Bassett, long jump The cast will be rounded out by Ernie Hudson, who plays Herbert “Magic” Williams, the man operating the secretive operation to retrieve Dr. Ian Wright (Mason Alexander Park) and Jen Chow (Nanrisa Lee) are also part of the team. While the show’s creators have been pretty quiet about Sam Beckett’s potential return to Scott Bakula, it would be surprising if the show didn’t tie up loose ends for fans of the original. At the end of the original series, Beckett mysteriously disappears, ending the series on a cliff. Fans will certainly tune in if they think they may have an answer about Beckett’s fate.

Of course, whether or not we see Scott Bakula return will probably depend on the success of the first season. long jump, Until the mystery of Beckett’s disappearance is uncovered in the first season, fans will keep tuning in for more. first season of agar long jump Sequel Series Succeeds, You Can Count on More long jump Stuff is coming our way. With possible spin-offs and movies to be made in the future, the makers have expressed interest in turning the IP into an entire franchise.

In short, if you want to find out what happened to Scott Bakula’s character, you have to adjust to the new long jump Chain potentially to get your answers. There’s no guarantee, but at least now there’s hope for fans of the original to sort out the decades-long answer. If you want to see new long jump series, you won’t have to wait long. It airs on NBC on Monday, September 19 at 10 p.m. EST. You can also stream the new series on Peacock.

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