Sherri Shepherd says ‘education’ Barbara Walters gave her on ‘The View’ prepped her for new show

Sherri Shepherd’s daytime talk show won’t be built around political debate—she’s been there, done that.

“I don’t think I need to get into politics,” she tells Yahoo Entertainment Sherry, which will premiere on Monday. “You have tons of shows that you can use to do your politics. Number one, my old hideouts: sight,

Yes, it is in the rearview. She wants her syndicated weekday show to get a noisy respite.

“I am your escape from doom and gloom,” she promises. “We’ve been hearing and seeing a lot from Instagram, social media, this network. Fear… Sometimes you just want to escape and you want to laugh and you want permission to breathe and feel good. That’s me.”

Sherry Debuts on September 12th – and Shepherd is ready to take the stage. (Screenshot: Sherry/Debmar-Mercury)

Shepherd feels more than ready to step into her new role. Last year, she immediately rated well as a guest-host. The Wendy Williams Show, When it was clear that Williams would not be returning, Debmar-Mercury, the production company behind both shows, made a big bet on Shepherd, giving him free time. As far as experience is concerned, Shepherd also co-hosted a small show called sight For seven years—which should obviously count as double or triple the time as she endured the daily fiery Hot Topic debates and drama behind headline-making.

“You couldn’t pay to get a better education on interviewing people” than Barbara Walters, Shepherd says of the legendary TV newswoman who co-produced sight And ran it – with an iron fist – until his 2014 retirement. “Barbara always used to say, ‘Be curious about people.’ … ‘Don’t take no for the answer.’ [She] It also said, ‘Dear, why don’t you read a book.'”

Yes, Walters gave Shepherd harsh advice in a misguided attempt to help the then-new co-host handle the show’s rapid-fire debate. Shepherd has famously said that she cried in her dressing room for three years because Walters was too hard on her. However, reflecting back now, she credits Walters for helping her find her voice.

“Barbara taught me that people take you more seriously as a woman when you have depth in your voice,” she says. “So I would literally stand in the mirror” to practice delivering the tagline “Take some time to enjoy the view” in less of a lyrical way. “My voice is too deep now.”

Expect that confident voice — and lots of laughs, humor and fun — as Shepherd leans in to spread joy in his stand-up comedy background Sherry the audience.

“I’m really excited to bring my sense of humor to audiences today because I think it’s needed,” she says. “There’s A Big Gap That Needs To Be Filled With Ellen” [DeGeneres off the air in May] And I look forward to stepping into that pool… I love the challenge.”

Sherry Debut 12 September,

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