‘Sister Wives’ star Kody Brown says he was ‘disgusted’ by Christine moving to Utah with their daughter Truely

  • Cody Brown said on “Sister Wives” that he was “disgusted” Christine was moving to Utah with her daughter.
  • He said he did the “research” and implied that he would not “win” the legal custody battle.
  • Christine said she was moving so much that Trulli “would be surrounded by love.”

Custody of his 12-year-old daughter, Trulli, appeared to be a major concern on Cody Brown’s mind as he discussed the next steps in separating from his third wife, Christine Brown, on Sunday’s episode of TLC’s “Sister Wives.”

“I’m dismayed at the idea that she’s moving on and she’ll take Truly and move to Utah,” he said in a solo interview, talking about Christine’s plans. “It’s really my baby.”

Cody further stated that he is interested in maintaining a good relationship with Christine, so she doesn’t make any “crazy” decisions. He said he had “researched” and knew that “men don’t win in the world of divorce.”

Christine and Cody announced their separation in November after nearly 27 years of spiritual marriage. They share six biological children together: son Paddon, 24, and daughters Aspin, 27, Mykelty, 26, Gwendlin, 20, Isabel, 19, and Truly.

Cody, Christine, and Truly Brown

Cody, Christine and Truly Brown in 2020.

Christine Brown on Instagram

During their conversation about Christine’s next steps, Cody tries to convince Christine that if she moves away from Flagstaff, Arizona, she is going to be truly away from a support system, where Cody’s other three will. The entire Brown family, including the wives and the many children he shared, were living with him at the time the episode was filmed.

Christine had a very different idea of ​​what her desired future would look like when she eventually moved to the Salt Lake City, Utah area, which Cody said was about eight hours away from her.

“What I’m looking for is a place in the family to cover Truly,” Christine told the cameras in a solo interview. “I can move her to a better support system where she’s surrounded by love.”

The mother of six said Trulli, like her older children, was not aware of the rift in her parents’ marriage. “I’ll get him out of this situation before he puts up the clues,” Christine said.

Cody felt that the community Christine had been yearning to deliver was inaccessible to him only because Christine refused to abide by the strict COVID-19 rules imposed by her so she could spend all her time during the pandemic. to go to their wives’ homes. In season 16 of the show, fans noticed that only his fourth wife, Robin, and first wife, Mary, were following Cody’s guidelines.

At the season premiere, Christine explained to the cameras in a solo interview why she believes Cody was unavailable to her and her children long before 2020 when the pandemic began.

Christine and Cody Brown sitting at a table.

“Sister Wives” Season 17.


Referring to Flagstaff, Christine said, “Let’s say we’ve been here for 800 days.” Even get into the water. He has been with us three times. Three out of 800.”

During the initial conversation where Christine confirms to Cody that she wants to end their “spiritual” union, Cody tells Christine that she fears that if they split and she moves to Utah with Truly, she will. Will meet and marry a man who will then take her money and her access to Truly. Christine promises Cody that although she is moving on, her worst fears will not come true.

Cody currently has three wives, but he is only legally married to Robin. He legally divorced Mary in 2014 so that he could marry Robin and legally adopt the three children he had from another marriage. He is never legally married to Christine.

New episodes of “Sister Wives” air Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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