‘SNL’ Star Chris Redd Leaving Amid Cast Departures

saturday night live Veterinarian Chris Redd is the latest star to announce his departure, cementing SNLSeason 48 of the “Year of Change” is going on.

“Being Part of” SNL Has been an experience of a lifetime. Five years ago, I moved to 30 Rock knowing this was an amazing growth opportunity,” Redd said in a statement. “Now, with friends who have become family and memories I will cherish forever, I am grateful to Lorne Michaels and the whole SNL organization. From the bottom of my heart, I cannot thank you all enough.”

Over five seasons, Redd’s facial expressions—his exaggerated eye gestures practically became his own character—and range saw comedians impersonating everyone from Barack Obama and Corey Booker to Kanye West and Soulja Boy. In 2018, Redd earned an Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics Emmy for co-writing “Come Back Barack,” which slated for the return of Barack Obama.

Raid’s hour-long comedy special Chris Redd: Why do I like it? It will premiere on HBO Max later this year. Three weeks after his departure, three other cast members announced that they would not return for the next season. Melissa Villaseor and Alex Moffat, who both joined in 2016, will not return, while Aristotle Athari is leaving after only one season. Show regulars Kate McKinnon, Eddie Bryant, Pete Davidson and Kyle Mooney have all previously confirmed their departure from the show.

in May, SNL Producer Lorne Michaels reveals new York Times That a “year of change” was coming. At last week’s Emmys, he confirmed that “it will be a transition year,” according to Entertainment Weekly “And the years of change are always tough, but also really exciting ones because there are new people and things are changing and a different generation comes on the show.

“I think people would have gone before, but there was no place to go, and also, we were used to doing it, and we were under pressure to do it,” Michaels performed on the show during the pandemic. . “It was difficult, especially when you’re rehearsing in a mask and it’s all protocol and nothing to do except go home after the show.”

The show announced the addition of four new cast members earlier this week. Comedians Molly Kearney, Michael Longfellow, Devon Walker and Marcelo Hernandez will join Season 48 of the season starting October 1.

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