Stephen King is recommending people watch brand new Netflix thriller

No one is a sinner for those reviewing Stephen King and Babak Anvari’s new movie i came‘Horrible’ is an adjective of choice. Watch the trailer below:

So it’s pretty clear that the world’s most famous horror aficionado has given Netflix its seal of approval, urging others to watch it.

movie which stars 1917,s George McKay Downton Abbey Star Hugh Bonneville, currently Netflix UK’s most-watched film, and sees Mackey playing a young graffiti artist who targets Bonneville’s home, only to have some *very* dark secrets about him. to know.

On Thursday, King wrote on Twitter: “Want a short thriller that reminds you of Ruth Rendell and Patricia Highsmith? Try I Came By (Netflix). It works.”

Apparently, a recommendation from King worked a treat, with many of his followers sharing that they would give the film a response.

George McKay and Purcell Ascot in I Come Buy. credit: netflix

One person wrote: “Dear, I’ll check it out,” while another echoed: “Thanks, I need to check it out.”

Other answers include: “Adding to my list!” and “I never would have thought I’d get a movie recommendation from Stephen King, but here we are. Thanks Twitter!”

Anvari herself replied, writing: “To me it means the world! Your book on writing was one of the first books that taught me storytelling. Thanks a lot! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!”

i cameThe official synopsis reads: “Antiestablishment graffiti artist and best friends Toby and Jay choose saintly retired judge Sir Hector Blake as their latest vandalism victim – until Jay finds out his girlfriend is pregnant and takes his own risk. Leaves the full side project.

Angered by his friend, Toby decides to go it alone and sneaks into Blake’s lavish London home. But before he can tag the two’s infamous slogan ‘I Came By’ on the wall, Toby is in trouble. that he is determined to get to the bottom of it.

Speaking to me last month, McKay said of the film: “It’s not a complete take on the rich man. It’s the class element looking at where privilege and power lie, and how we hide secrets. Too many greats.” There are extremes and there is a world full of compromises.”

Regarding his character, Toby, Mackey said: “He makes you wonder what happens when we fail in society. It’s like when you want change, but forget to vote.”

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