Stone Cold Steve Austin’s honest reaction to Brock Lesnar’s babyface run in WWE (Exclusive)

“Cowboy” Brock Lesnar broke the internet whenever he appeared on WWE TV in 2022 as he emerged as one of the company’s most entertaining characters. Lesnar flourished as a babyface, and Steve Austin has also been impressed by The Beast’s recent run of Incarnate.

Texas Rattlesnakes spoke to Sportskeeda’s Bill Apter and briefly explained Brock Lesnar’s babyface gimmick.

The former Universal Champion demonstrated his diversity as a babyface, and Steve Austin was delighted to see Lesnar experiment with his on-screen persona. The decision to change Brock Lesnar’s presentation proved beneficial for WWE as it became even more popular among veteran fans.

Lesnar is one of WWE’s biggest draws, and it was mainly due to his charisma, believed Steve Austin:

Steve Austin explained, “That babyface run was right before WrestleMania 38! When you have such a huge mass of an alpha male, and he shows that vulnerability, and people just scream for him.” “That’s it, [he] Nature is a charismatic force!” [4:16 – 4:30]


When will Brock Lesnar return to WWE?

The ten-time world champion came out in a losing streak at SummerSlam 2022, where he faced Roman Reigns in a thrilling main event. Lesnar turned the ring over and nearly deposed The Tribal Chief during their Last Man Standing match before The Bloodline buried him under ringside rubble.

Lesnar also shared a heartfelt post-match moment with fans, which initially seemed like a big hint at his sudden in-ring retirement.

Thankfully for fans and WWE, Brock Lesnar still has several matches left in the gas tank and is expected to wrestle at the next Saudi Arabia show. Crown Jewel is set to take place on November 5, 2022, and the company has reportedly discussed a big match for the former champion.

Hearing of a very preliminary plan to bring Lesnar to Saudi. The idea of ​​the pitch was Lesnar vs Lashley This is a very preliminary plan and has not been confirmed at the moment.

While a rematch against Bobby Lashley has been proposed for Lesnar, plans are always subject to change in WWE.

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Stone Cold Steve Austin reveals his real thoughts about babyface Brock Lesnar here.

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