Survivor: Jeff Probst Reveals Two Major Twists That Won’t Be Back This Season

When Survivor Returns to the air after a 16-month post-pandemic delay, ushered in a new, twist-tastic era: A 26-day game, more diverse casting and smaller tribes weren’t even half of it. But when Season 43 begins Wednesday, September 21 (at 8/7c on CBS), viewers and its cast are in for something Big Change.

While host Jeff Probst has been very clear about what aspects of this new era are sticking around — small game, small tribes, risk/reward dilemmas, earning merges and shots in the dark are all here to stay — They’ve kept the kibosh running in one of the most controversial twists Survivor History: Belfry Diversion.

“What are you here Will not done see in survivor 43: Change History and Do Or Die,” Probst told EW.

To refresh your memory from Season 41, the players were split into two teams just before the merge, and were told that the winners would automatically receive immunity, while the losers would compete in an individual immunity challenge. after which one of them will be voted out. Erika Kasupanen (who eventually went on to win the game) is sent to Exile Island and given the opportunity to “make history by changing history”. If he chose to break the hourglass with a hammer, the results of the challenge would be reversed. The winners will be in danger, while the losers (Erica included) will be completely safe. (In a move that startled someone, he kicked the cat out of the thing.)


Surprisingly, not everyone in the cast was happy with this decision. “Danny” [McCray] basically kicked Jeff out,” hourly victim Sidney Segal told TVLine after the episode aired. “He was like, ‘This isn’t a diversion. This is a lie! You told us that if we won the challenge, we would get immunity,’ and there was a long conversation about this.

When we caught up with McCray after his exit, he elaborated: “It was very important to me to leave [Probst] Know that the integrity of the game is at risk when you are the host and you are able to lie to the contestants. If you go out there and say, ‘Hey man, this is happening,’ like a do-or-die turn, I can accept it. But when you are that person who says, ‘Work hard, work hard, you have to earn everything this season’ Survivor,’ and then you earn it, really just No Earn it, it didn’t sit well with me. Being a contestant, it was difficult for me to process it.”

The Hourglass Twist returns in Season 42. Roxroy Bailey chose to take Jeff up on the offer, and Lydia Meredith turns out to be the unlucky castaway who pulled the rug out from under her.

Do or die twist was also seen in both 41 And 42, Forcing Deshavan Redden and Lindsay Dolashevik, respectively, to play a game of chance in the tribal council. They had to choose one of the three boxes that would keep them safe, and both players survived the night.

While I, for one, join the cheers that are fluttering throughout the fanbase, Probst was meant to show that twists will come and go as it sees fit.

“I can already hear some fans celebrating and others saying we succumbed to the criticism!” They said. “We love the fan feedback, and the reaction to Change History was amazing. People either really liked it or really hated it, but not a single person said ‘Eh, I could have taken it or left it. was.’ And with Do or Die, the drama was electrifying, but we also realized there was a twist we could have put on the shelf… for now.”

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