The Boys Spinoff Series Gen V Wraps Filming on Season 1

This season 1. has a rap Gen VSpinoff of Hit Amazon Series boys, On Twitter, the show’s official account unveiled some new images of the cast from the series’ sets, as well as announced that filming has been completed. That doesn’t mean we’re getting a release date yet, but the show’s end of filming is a good sign that we can’t be too far from seeing the show’s arrival on Prime Video.

The tweet read, “Yes, we are finishing GEN V production. No, we are not telling you when it’s coming out.”

This follows a tease from the show’s What International account showcasing the recent setting. Gen V, As previously reported, the series is primarily set in a school that teaches young superheroes how to hone their superpowers before taking to the streets as professional crime fighters. A pair of images were released showing what the building looked like from the inside.

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“At Godolkin University, we aim to provide a comfortable environment for a new generation of heroes to learn about what they are made of,” the tweet read. “That’s why we’re redesigning the student union and dorm rooms through generous contributions from donors. Be sure to schedule your fall donation today!”

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Gen V Will Feature Crossovers

Gen V will accept characters and events from boys, and there will be crossovers from the main series, although it is not yet revealed how exactly that will happen. Showrunner Eric Kripke previously revealed (via Deadline) that Gen V Season 3. is set during boys and will reference events from that season, such as the arrival of Jensen Ackles’s Soldier Boy.

“There’s definitely crossovers, and we’re doing our best to design a universe that sees some of the issues and storylines in Season 3, in the first season (Gen V),” Kripke added. boys, Soldier Boy, etc., but there are also some new storylines that are happening in that season of the spinoff that we have to take and take in Season 4 of the show.”

Gen V Developed by Michelle Fazekas and Tara Butters. The series stars Jazz Sinclair, Lizze Broadway, Chance Perdomo, Maddie Phillips, London Thor, Derek Luh, Asa German, Shelley Cohn, Patrick Schwarzenegger and Sean Patrick Thomas.

Gen V No premiere date yet, nor season 4 boys, you currently. the first three seasons of boys Streaming with Animated Spinoff Series Boys Presents: Satanic on Prime Video.

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