The final frontier and the full Monty: ‘Masked Singer’ Season 8 premiere unmasks two comedy legends

Possibly an attempt to make a comeback from last season’s disastrous stunt casting of Rudy Giuliani, masked singer Pulling out all of Season 8’s halves, each week with a . is characterized by double to show. And this week was a real double-doozy, as the two legends — William “The Knight” Shatner and Eric “The Hedgehog” Idol — were amusingly spotless. There were probably no two celebrities more perfect for this show than Campy star trek icon and Monty Python Comedy pioneer. In fact, Absurd Idol even quipped, “It’s one of the more”. General things I’ve ever done!”

“I can’t believe it’s taken me eight seasons masked singer“Knight declared during his own clue package, his captain Kirk drew completely His voice is also identifiable with the show’s electronic disguise effect. And he had a point. golden throats Warbler has been preparing for this big moment since 1968, when he released his cult classic album changed man Featuring covers of Bob Dylan and Beatles songs, and has since created his own Weird, Little One for collaborations with Ben Folds, Joe Jackson, Amy Mann, Henry Rollins, Brad Paisley, Iggy Pop, Sheryl Crow, Peter Frampton, Steve Miller Has been given away. and Booty Collins. Shatner’s role was that of Knight born to play!

After Knight spoke/singed his way through a super-duper (and super-weird) cover of “Puttin on the Ritz” that would make Taco proud of himself, the judges sang all kinds of songs like John Lithgow, David Hasselhoff Make a dumb guess. , and “Weird Al” Yankovic – although, to be fair, those latter two should have been as well. masked singer long time ago. Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg initially described Knight as “the male version of Betty White”, but she eventually guessed right; Robin Thicke was not, even though Shatner and Robin’s father, Alan Thicke, had been friends for years. Nicole Scherzinger simply nodded, “I don’t even know what’s going on right now, but I am Here For this!”

I was here for this too. I really wish Shatner hadn’t been insured so soon; He could have stayed at least long enough to retrieve his famous cover of “Common People” from Pulp! But Shatner seemed fine with his early exit. When host Nick Cannon asked her about her masked singer The experience, he shouted, “It was horrible. I can’t tell you how terrible it was. I can’t see anything. I can’t walk. The noise was deafening. The mask was wiping off. Oh, was that was fun,

Eric Idle was also funny in his own way. Monty Python Genius actually performed a Beatles song, “Love Me Do,” complete with a drumline parade—a Fab choice, given his many Fab Four connections, such as his Rattles mockumentary and his deep friendship with George Harrison. Ken Jeong even speculated that Ringo the Hedgehog was the star! Eric later told the story behind his song selection: “I wanted to sing this song because it’s Paul McCartney’s first song he ever wrote. And so I wrote it and asked him if I could do it. I had a letter back saying, ‘Yes, you can sing, but would you please tell me what show it is so I can make sure to avoid it?'”

This time, Robin recognized Eric’s voice immediately as he grew up watching Monty Python sees with his father and now with his own middle son. “I’ve seen every Monty Python movie,” Robin said. “I’m a huge fan, and I know your voice like the back of my hand.” Idol then treated Robin and all the other Python fans in the audience singing whole hog . Brian’s life The classic “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.” Oho, I’m also saddened to see Idol leave so soon, but I’m looking forward to some sort of Ruttles reunion in the Season 8 finale — even if Paul McCartney won’t.

As far as the two celebrities, whose identities are still kept a secret as of Wednesday, we’ll soon find out who Hummingbird is, as they were cliffhangingly removed during the premiere’s closing credits — and they will be exposed at the top next Episode of the week! He said that he “dominates the Super Bowl,” “competition is in his DNA,” he cherishes many of his silver awards, and he has a “patriotic” connection to Shaquille O’Neal, but he’s a pretty solid one. He has also done singing. Gavin DeGraw’s “I Don’t Want To Be.” Therefore, the judges’ guesses were all over the place, ranging from athletes like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Deion Thomas to AOR/MOR rockers like Rob Thomas, Uncle Cracker, and Chad Kroger. Looking at this clip of Peyton singing, I honestly doubt he can hum well enough to be passed off as a hummingbird. So, I’m just going to guess the New England Patriots and Shaq Pal Tim Tebow, and this week’s reigning queen, move on to harp – because (ken jeong voice) I know Absolutely Who is he.

The Harp delivered a majestic and near-perfect performance of Pink’s “Perfect,” which gave Jenny a “Season 8 chill” and Nicole said, “You were beyond powerful. … I was in awe.” It was certainly the work of a consummate professional—someone like Queen Latifah, Jordyn Sparks, Fantasia or Jennifer Hudson, who were among the judges’ guesses. But I say it was definitely a job glee Star Amber Riley.

Aside from the power vocals that were practically recognizable from the time the harp opened its golden throat during the a cappella first verse, all its clues add up to glee-perfect. She described herself as “an idol for anyone who felt like an outsider”, who was on-brand with the brand. glee Ethos Her clue package began with her saying, “And I’m telling you,” and Amber was in dream Girls, We Saw a Witch’s Hat, and Amber Played the Good Witch of the North on NBC wiz and performed in wicked in concert, We saw a pair of 3D glasses, which were probably a reference to the concert movie 3D . I glee, She went on to win awards for acting, vocals and comedy – the latter honor shared with her “besties” – and Amber won the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actress in a Musical, the Evening Standard Theater Award for Best Musical Performance and Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series (for.) gleeUndoubted).

But perhaps the most notable tip-off was when Harp confessed that she auditioned for “the biggest show in the world” when she was a teenager, but “didn’t fit the mold and was turned down.” Well, Amber tried American Idol At 17, but she didn’t even make it past the producers. “You know what? I still work at Fox and I get paid! Thank you, American Idol“She rejoiced after reach hollywood, And now Amber is back on Fox, and she’s not only made her past masked singer audition, but she might actually win this time. “See you in the finale,” Jenny told him.

And I’ll see you next week, when Hummingbird is exposed and four more celebrities will almost literally sing their faces. Additionally, throughout Season 8, the show’s alumni – such as Donnie “The Peacock” Osmond, Tori “The Unicorn” Spelling, and Drew “The Llama” Carey – will serve as guest judges, and other scheduled guests include Andrew Lloyd Webber, Sheila. E., Lance Bass… and even the Muppets, for a special themed night. This season will actually have several themed episodes, such as “Comedy Roast” (Man, Shatner and Idol) Excellent For that!), “Vegas Night,” “Hall of Fame,” “TV Theme,” “90s Night,” and “Fright Night.” Clearly, masked singer Still the show that keeps America guessing.

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