The Queen’s death has ignited a fresh wave of online abuse targeting Megan Markle and Camilla Parker Bowles

  • Online harassment of Camilla, Queen Consort and Meghan Markle has intensified following the death of the Queen.
  • TikTokers brutally compared Camilla and Diana’s appearances and circulated misinformation about Meghan.
  • In 2020, Meghan described the online abuse she faced was “almost unbearable.”

With millions mourning the death of the Queen, Meghan Markle and Camilla Parker Bowles once again found themselves the target of online harassment and misinformation campaigns.

A TikTok video mocking Meghan during the live broadcast of the Queen’s state funeral on Monday garnered millions of views. Another series of videos criticized Meghan’s funeral dress and accused her of copying an old dress from Princess Diana, even though the video – more than 22.5 million views – took place before the funeral and 2019 Used photos from the Day of Remembrance.

For Gen Z users, who mainly populate TikTok, fictional depictions such as “The Crown” (which triggered a new bout of online harassment of Camilla after her portrayal of the affair) and TikTok queens about royals Contribute to a new distaste. wife

Engagement-driven algorithms amplify the polarization rather than isolate the video, and online abuse and misinformation goes viral at an alarming rate – whether it’s misinformation about Markle’s funeral dress or the conspiracy that COVID-19 The queen died due to the -19 vaccine.

Camilla’s slideshows titled “New Queen” or “His Wife” with photos of Diana “the real Queen” and “His Ex-Wife” are set to contemporary music and viewed by hundreds of thousands of people. The hashtag “Caumilla” referring to the Queen consort has been used on videos directing online harassment at Camilla, as well as videos criticizing only Meghan.

The screenshot has been placed alongside a TikTok video in which Queen Consort Camilla is compared to the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

TikTok users are pitting Camilla against Diana in a new wave of online harassment following the death of the Queen.

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The Sussexes left social media in January 2021 due to the ongoing harassment, but Meghan said she was finally “ready for her next act” and returned to Instagram in an interview with The Cut last month.

Meghan has been a lightning rod for online abuse and a British tabloid staple since she began a public relationship with Prince Harry in 2016, leading the couple to announce they were “senior members” of the British royal family in January 2020. Will step back. In October of the same year, Meghan described online abuse as “nearly impossible” in an appearance on the “Teen Therapy” podcast.

“I’ve been told that in 2019, I was the most trolled person in the whole world – man or woman,” Meghan said, adding that she wasn’t even “visible” for eight months out of the year because of maternity leave Was.

Screenshot of a TikTok showing Meghan Markle in a black dress with a red flower on her lapel and text "Meghan showing off dressing as Diana:" On this.

A viral TikTok post about Meghan Markle “dressing as Diana” to attend the Queen’s funeral has gone viral, despite the fact that the video was posted ahead of the funeral.

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The 41-year-old former actress is a contemporary fixation for trolls, but this fresh wave of online harassment directed at 75-year-old Camilla is a revival of the old vitriol the youth are seeing.

Many blame Camilla for the dissolution of the marriage between King Charles and the late Princess Diana in the 1990s.

Tina Brown, author of The Palace Papers, said, “It’s really almost incomprehensible how abused Camilla got. I mean, she was called Hug, old bag, witch. I mean these were words that About Camilla were used for years.” said in an April interview with The Washington Post.

Brown went on to say that public opinion of Camilla became particularly distorted after Diana’s death in 1997.

“Camilla was kind of ugly—you know, that ugly kind of force that, you know, supposedly put Diana in such pain and sadness, you know, I mean, the love that brought Charles to her Had it,” she said.

In her famous 1995 interview with journalist Martin Bashir, Diana referred to her then-husband’s mistress and future wife as “the third person” in their marriage, and the British media referred to Camilla as “the most hated woman in Britain”. relaxed me.

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