The surprising eccentricities of King Charles III

In a short time after he was declared king, Charles III He has been criticized for several incidents, such as contempt for his employees, whether for putting pen to his hands or because his writing did not turn out as expected.

In addition, it recently became known that most of the Clarence House staff were to be dismissed upon his accession to the throne.

workers who already know, it seems, the son of Queen Elizabeth II Everything needs to be turned around in a certain way. Paul Burrell, a former royal butler, starred in a 2015 documentary for Amazon in which he portrayed Charles as manic and cynical. He demands that the water in the shower be at a certain temperature, that the bath plugs are set in a special way and that towels are laid out the same way each time so that he can dry himself comfortably.

Video shows King Charles III getting angry at his servants

It must be propped up on a chair so that Charles III can exert minimal effort. The bath should be filled at 18 cm and 20 degrees, so a maid should check with a thermometer every morning to make sure there is no failure in this regard.

He also asks his butler to leave the toothpaste ready on his toothbrush and measure 2.5 cm. He can’t go to bed without ironing his pajamas, he does so with the windows down, even when it’s freezing cold, and he never ties his laces, which means they have to be tied by his staff, even if They have been ironed.

Queen Consort’s Oddity

Camilla Parker Bowles, on the contrary, is very friendly, warm and funny. In the documentary Serving the Royals: Inside the Firm, Burrell also talks about the breakfast routine: King Charles III has homemade bread, a bowl of fresh fruit, and fruit juice. Wherever he goes, the breakfast box accompanies him. It consists of six different types of honey, certain muesli and dried fruits.

He also insists that cheese and crackers be heated to a certain temperature at the end of the meal and that his staff keep a warming tray nearby. His breakfast should consist of hard-boiled eggs which first require cooking exactly 7 minutes and two plums, although he only eats one. However, Camilla only eats organic produce that they grow in their garden at Clarence House.

King Charles III formally declared sovereign

with toilet in tow

Charles III’s most infamous extravagance is that he not only travels with his breakfast box, but on some occasions, when his stay has to be extended, he has his own bed, some furniture, and even That there is also a painting, which is sent to him, and takes his own. Toilet and Kleenex Velvet Toilet Paper. The unusual quirks that have led some to claim that King Charles III has OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), which Buckingham is unwilling to comment on. He says that it only sweetens his attitude when his wife Camilla sees him.

They both have two concerns: He’s prone to wrinkles, and he holds fluid, especially in his hands and feet, which he jokingly refers to as sausage.

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