Today fans boycott show after hosts call Royal family member by the wrong name

Fans have broken up on The Today Show after the hosts of the weekend incorrectly referred to a member of the royal family.

On Friday night, King Charles announced that his sons William and Kate, formerly the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge, would now be known as the Prince and Princess of Wales.


The Today Show anchors referred to Kate by her first namecredit: NBC
Fans slam the hosts as the Princess of Wales has been married for over a decade


Fans slam the hosts as the Princess of Wales has been married for over a decadecredit: getty

But on Saturday morning’s episode of The Today Show, the weekend’s hosts referred to the newly-established princess as “Kate Middleton.”

“We’re back on Saturday morning, with King Charles announcing his wife as Queen Consort and his daughter-in-law Kate as Princess of Wales,” revealed co-anchor Peter Alexander.

Morning News Show shared this clip Twitter With the caption: “King Charles III’s wife Camilla is officially Queen Consort. Prince William’s wife Kate Middleton is now Princess of Wales.”

Fans were shocked by the use of Kate’s maiden name, as she has been Kate, Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge since her marriage to the prince a decade ago.

Kate Middleton and Prince William's new titles revealed by King Charles
Sombre Kate Middleton seen for the first time since the Queen's tragic death

fan backlash

Many took to the comments to criticize The Today Show for using the wrong title, threatening to boycott the morning program for their inaccuracy.

“Your post/video is an embarrassment to your entire profession. You call that journalism? A minute’s Google research gives people better knowledge. Extremely shameful,” said one.

Another complained, “Agreed. Watching is pointless. Think I’ll start boycotting the show until they step up their game and deliver some real news.”

“Neither Kate (given name Katherine) nor Middleton in more than 11 years!” Another reminisced with the meme reading: “Wake up!”

The fourth demanded: “Stop calling her Kate Middleton!” While the fifth agreed: “They need new anchors, so uninformed!

new text

On Friday, King Charles revealed the official new titles of Prince William and his wife Kate.

Speaking in his first public address as king, he said he was naming his son and heir, William, Prince of Wales.

King claimed that he knew that his son and his wife would “continue to inspire” in their new roles.

Charles said: “As my successor, William now assumes the Scottish title which means a lot to me.

“He succeeds me as Duke of Cornwall and takes on responsibilities for the Duchy of Cornwall that I have held for more than five decades.

“With Catherine by her side, our new Prince and Princess of Wales, I know, will continue to inspire and lead our national conversation, helping to bring the frontier to center stage where vital help can be given.”

King Charles III

Charles automatically became king after Her Majesty’s death at Balmoral on Thursday.

But he will be formally declared monarch at a historic accession council meeting at St James’s Palace on Saturday.

The emperor also opened up about his “personal grief” and vowed to renew his mother’s promise of “lifelong service” in his speech.

He added that it is also a “time of change for my family”.

Royal officials confirmed that Her Majesty will henceforth be known as King Charles III, who has been known as the Prince of Wales since 1948.

title change

Kate has adopted the title of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, while Camilla becomes Queen Consort.

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William and Kate updated their social media profiles to reflect the update on Friday, changing their names to “Prince and Princess of Wales” online.

They will also now be familiar with the titles given to Princess Diana when she married Charles in 1981.

Charles gave his first speech as king


Charles gave his first speech as king
They named their son William and daughter-in-law Kate Prince and Princess of Wales


They named their son William and daughter-in-law Kate Prince and Princess of Walescredit: AP
The title was previously held by William's mother, Princess Diana.


The title was previously held by William’s mother, Princess getty

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