“Today, He Was Just Too Emotional”: Mike Evans Has Big Words for Marshon Lattimore After Shoving Him on Live TV to ‘Protect Tom Brady’

The Buccaneers vs. Saints game was a big-time matchup, and the intensity between the athletes is noticeable. Tampa Bay advanced to victory over New Orleans, igniting one of the NFL’s most trailblazing rivalries. However, Mike Evans and Marson Latimore cracked a joke. After the game, Evans had a few words on the scuffle with Latimore, and did the same for Tom Brady.

Things flared up during the fourth quarter as Tom Brady and Saints cornerback Marshan Latimore traded barbs. After the play, Brady spoke with Lattimore, who responded with a contemptuous gesture. Before Leonard Fournette pushed Latimore, TB12 yelled back. Mike Evans, who was on his way to the shore, ran to the spot and slammed Lattimore to the ground. As the situation progressed, chaos ensued and both sides piled up.


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Mike Evans opened up after the scuffle

Mike Evans said, “We’re in New Orleans. Sometimes it gets hot, the scuffle gets a little hot. Glad no one was hurt and glad our guys responded. When the reporter asked what it was about him and Lattimore, he said, “We’re competitors. But today he was a little too emotional. You don’t punch people on the field, and I think he threw a punch at Lenny and pushed Tom or something like that. I do that with my teammates.” Can’t let it happen, so I pushed them and then it turned into a brawl.

The NFC South is renowned for the brutality of its struggles. One of the best examples are Buccaneers and Saints. Tom Brady & Company responded to the controversy by winning 17-7 in the final quarter.

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Tom Brady and the Buccaneers are now going undefeated since the season began. They will now face Green Bay Packers in the third week.

The animosity between Evans and Lattimore has a rich history.

Mike Evans and Marshan Latimore’s scuffle was a live TV spectacle. However, the two athletes have a long history of having disputes on the playing field. Back when Jameis Winston was in Tampa, he had to leave a play due to a shoulder injury. But he came off the edge to gesture and appeared to speak of CB Lattimore, who was a rookie.


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Winston inadvertently poked Latimore on the back of the helmet as he left. Lattimore changed her weight and pushed Winston with one hand. Mike Evans then appeared out of thin air and leapt into Latimore’s back, knocking him hard and knocking him down, face first. However, he did not take Evans out of the game.


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The Bux-Saints prank is always worth watching, and the new controversy is only making the rivalry more intense.

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