Tyler Conklin May Be The New York Jets’ Long-Term Answer At TE | Film

New York Jets tight end Tyler Conklin has a great collection of positive traits

As we discussed in CJ Uzoma’s own film Breakdown, the New York Jets’ omission in the tight end in 2021 significantly limited the potential for the offense. Offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur didn’t have the talent needed to steer his plan the way he wanted, leading to major mid-season changes in his approach.

Joe Douglas attempted to rectify this with his free agent signing of Uzoma and Tyler Conklin in 2022.

As we found out later, even Uzoma and Conklin’s signatures weren’t enough to complete the Jets’ tight end overhaul. The Jets would draft Jeremy Ruckert in the third round of the NFL Draft.

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Of all three additions to the tight end position, Tyler Conklin is the one Jets fans should expect the most.

conklin Starting a career year with the Minnesota Vikings. He is truly an underrated player, as he is an asset in both pass and run games.

In the latest Blvdt Blitz movie review, we answer every question Jets fans may have about Tyler Conklin.

  • What is his roof?
  • What does he offer?
  • Why is it generally ignored?
  • How does that fit into the offense of the Jets?

All of these questions and many more are answered in this edition of Blewett Blitz. Plus, Tyler Conklin’s strengths and weaknesses are listed below, as is the full, members-only movie breakdown.

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strengths and weaknesses


  • acceleration
  • route pacing
  • contested catch
  • Box defender out for the ball
  • Tough
  • good hands as a blocker
  • rolls hips into blocks
  • willing blocker
  • Raising the defender up is a two-way threat to the Root break
  • route running
  • Rocker steps, bam steps and push-bys often appear in routes.
  • Gets in and out of brakes well
  • pace
  • Tries to stick to O-line as run blocker
  • Understanding run blocker angles
  • Effort
  • puts his bottom foot on the brake
  • Finds soft spots in the zone
  • release
  • Attack defenders leverage as root runner
  • lateral blast out of brake
  • good combo blocker
  • Placement of hands as pass blockers
  • Patient foot in close security
  • good cut blocker
  • Often used as a pass resistor (often isolated on top-level rushers)
  • beat press coverage
  • Shortens stride before break
  • body control
  • Hip attack to define combo
  • eyes fall apart
  • Active Eyes in Near Security
  • good on options routes


  • Back on the ball and need to work consistently
  • natural power
  • More YAC. does not offer
  • can reach for the run block
  • There may be more physical “holding lines” as root runners
  • may break unnecessarily with space
  • Some runs can come high in the block
  • Doesn’t cause as much movement as run blocker
  • Doesn’t always cover/achieve positional leverage as a run blocker
  • Hands can go wide as a run blocker
  • average to medium to high traffic
  • Can open early on pass set
  • Can the telegraph break (unnecessary stop steps)
  • Need to understand when to do speed vs square cut
  • Does not maintain long lasting blocks
  • Receives block instead of directing as pass blocker

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