Why Alexis Bledel and ‘Lone Wolf’ Ex-Husband Vincent Kartheiser Broke Up

After eight years of marriage, Alexis Bledel And Vincent Cartheiser This is said in part because of the degree of “social isolation” in their lives.

Bledel, 40, and Kartisar, 43, haven’t made a public appearance together in “years,” which a source exclusively reveals in the latest issue. us weeklyGiven that their increasing distance It “definitely played a part” in their decision to part ways.

us weekly broke the news last month that the former crazy man The costars separated after eight years of marriage, with Kartheesar filing for divorce. Less than a week later, there was already a submission for a proposed decision and settlement.

Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartisar. John Salangsang / InVision / AP / Shutterstock

“They didn’t have a great group of friends, but they both made up for it with very thriving and busy careers—almost to a fault,” says the insider as to what led to the pair’s breakup. “Vincent has always been a lone wolf and he’s going to benefit from time on his own.”

The two started dating in 2012, shortly after getting engaged on the sets of crazy man, They got engaged about a year before their 2014 marriage. Gilmore Girls The alum quietly gave birth to the pair’s first child, a son, in 2015.

“She’s really blossomed into a woman and is now a proud new mom and married and happy,” she said. Gilmore Girls co-star Scott Patterson told earlier glamour In May 2016, the news of Bledel’s baby boy was revealed. “We’re comparing notes because my son [Nick] She is about a year and a half older than her younger son. I am showing her pictures and videos and what to expect. We are really enjoying each other’s company. ,

Through the years, Bledel and titans The alum kept his romance exclusively private.

“It’s something I’ve felt about the most important things in my life. If I share them with the world and I open that door to their rage of anger that they need to get out or Their worship is what they want to show, then it falls short,” Karthisar told Vulture in 2014. “It cheapens it. It weakens it. And it’s magical, love, and all that… deeply spiritual, and it doesn’t feel right.”

As the former couple balances two thriving acting careers with raising their son, their differences become even more apparent.

The insider explains, “Alexis herself is a bit cynical but compared to Vinnie she is incredibly normal.” “For starters, Vinny lives by an unbroken code of being humble and following a low-consumption lifestyle. He is credited with helping him escape the crazy world of starting out as a child actor and that’s part of what attracted Alexis to him – he was different. ,

Why . Watch the video above for more information about story of maid The alum and Kartisar decided to split — and pick up the latest Us Weekly issue on newsstands now.

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