“Why Don’t You Shave Your Head?”: Oscar-Winning Actor Nicolas Cage Unveils Michael Jordan Inspiration Nearly Made Him Take a Bold Step

With the release of his new film, ‘Butcher’s CrossingNicolas Cage held a press tour. The film is expected to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this year. During an interview conducted in connection with the film, he discussed how the script caught his attention and how the inspiration of NBA legend Michael Jordan almost made him take a bold step.

It was interesting to hear about the many facets of the film and what inspired her to play this character. As the discussion continued, he spoke about how his gritty character came to life. And that inspired him.


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In his words, there are two people who inspired him. It was Marlon Brando’s performanceApocalypse Now!’ What inspired him in the first place. At number two was basketball legend Michael Jordan.

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Considering the story dates back to 1870, one might ask what inspired Jordan, a 1990s basketball player, for a story that has been around for more than a century. . This is a question to which Cage has a very interesting answer.

Nicolas Cage Discusses How Michael Jordan Inspired His Character

Gabe Polsky not only directed the film but also wrote it. Earlier he has given some hit films, in which ‘Motel Life’, Polski shares his thoughts in the interview. During a discussion of Jordan’s inspiration, Cage said: “We all know the event, and the dynamic force, and the ambition, and the need for Michael Jordan to win. [The director] Was saying [to me] “Think, why don’t you shave your head?”


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Further Polski shared his views on the same aspects. “I think Michael Jordan [is the] the greatest athlete ever, but there’s a kind of — and he’ll call it himself, you know — a kind of dark side [him], According to Cage.

In this film, the 1960 novel by John Edward Williams serves as the basis for the story. As we can see from the social media, fans have high hopes for this upcoming release. The film is yet to release and the release date is yet to be confirmed.


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