Why Prince William Really Invited Meghan Markle to That Walkabout, According to Royal Photographer

The former royal Fab Four’s surprise appearance together on Saturday sparked a flurry of coverage about how it all came together, given brothers Prince William and Prince Harry’s strained relationship. Kensington Palace finally reveals William invited Meghan Markle and Harry to join them and Kate Middleton, Peru People, A royal source added to the outlet that William thought the walkout was “an important show of unity at an incredibly difficult time for the family.”

Greetings! Reports that longtime royal photographer Arthur Edwards shared additional insight into where William Meghan was invited during an interview with Piers Morgan. Edwards revealed that it was also about the optics, as well as helping to ensure that the focus remains on the new King Charles III amid the legacy of Queen Elizabeth II and strained relations between the royal family and Harry and Meghan.

Photo Credit: Chris Jackson – Getty Images

“When Prince” [Charles] He said he loved Harry and Meghan in his speech which shook me too. Then when Meghan got out of the car, I was amazed,” Edwards said. “But of course William has to do something about it. He talked to his brother and said, ‘Let’s make a joint effort here.'”

“They did it because if Meghan had come for the funeral on Monday, all the newspapers would be talking about Meghan and King wouldn’t want that,” Edwards said. “He wants it all about the Queen and nothing else. No distractions. Will they get back together, who knows, there’s a huge rift between the brothers.”

Meghan and Harry were vocal about being close to the Queen. As for the other royals, Meghan briefly addressed the situation between them in her interview deductionPublished at the end of August.

“I can talk about my whole experience [as a working royal] And choose not to,” she said, adding that she hasn’t done so yet because she’s “still recovering.”

As for her relationship with the royal family, “I think forgiveness is really important,” she said. “It takes a lot of energy not to forgive. But it takes a lot of effort to forgive. I’ve made a really proactive effort, especially knowing that I can say anything.” She then fell silent, finally saying, “I have a lot to say until I do. Do you like that? Sometimes, as they say, the silent part is still part of the song. “

a source told entertainment tonight that the family wasn’t very happy about that interview or that Meghan discussed her experiences as a duchess archetype Spotify Podcasts, which is not releasing new episodes this week or next week in light of Queen’s death. The Royal Family is disappointed by Meghan Markle’s latest comments, the source added deduction magazine and on its podcasts. They are infuriated that after withdrawing from the royal family – claiming the need for privacy – she continues to publicly publicize family matters. ,

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