Will Jordan Whitehead fix the NY Jets’ issues at safety? | Film

The New York Jets are hoping Jordan Whitehead is the originator they lacked protection

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The safety status of the New York Jets was a mess in 2021. Long-term starter Marcus May played only six games, while Lamarcus Joyner, written as starter next to May, lost during the first week for the season. Matchup against Carolina Panthers.

These injuries left Jets to pierce the sinking boat with tissue paper. New York signed Safari from the scrap pile in hopes of some level of capable play.

The security situation was even worse, entering the 2022 season with neither May or Joyner under contract for the following year. The Jets were able to retain Joyner, but lost Mei, who was the chief of the Jets’ defense.

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Joe Douglas was able to take down Tampa Bay’s Jordan Whitehead to make up for the loss of Marcus May. Whitehead is a young, rising safety with plenty of playoff experience over the past two years. He’ll start with stronger protection for the Jets, which Whitehead hopes can provide a major upgrade in the situation compared to last year’s mess.

In the latest Blvdt Blitz movie review, we answer every question that Jets fans may have about Jordan Whitehead.

  • Can he replace Marcus May?
  • What should be his role?
  • Is that just a “box protection”?
  • How does that fit into the Jets defense?

All of these questions and many more are answered in this edition of Blewett Blitz. Plus, Jordan Whitehead’s strengths and weaknesses are listed below, as is the full, members-only movie breakdown.

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strengths and weaknesses


  • big hitter
  • Quick trigger in run game
  • played low and high
  • comfortable in the box
  • Intermediate areas when re-route
  • Good awareness in small/intermediate sectors
  • Body
  • aggressive
  • eyes active in deep drops
  • Plays run to pass and good walks pass
  • Patience in Off Coverage (Mostly)
  • Will can play as LB
  • Good at filtering through traffic in the box
  • bring the thump to the blockers
  • Takes good angles to cut crossing routes in deep areas
  • pre snap communication
  • blitz timing
  • Shining great understanding of zones and leverage routes
  • close to the line of melee with violence
  • Well picks / avoids rubbing
  • To pass routes quickly and find the next danger as an intermediate zone guard


  • need to play with more controls
  • Shoulder throws often as tacklers
  • Can lose balance if the ball breaks on the side/path
  • Pedal in Deep Coverage vs. Shuffling Too Much
  • May have slow trigger jumps on routes, sometimes has to be confirmed with QB
  • Offers little to no pass rush moves
  • Want him to look at stack blocks more aggressively when reading backfields
  • Doesn’t always take advantage of itself on crossing routes
  • Legs can stop as a tackler (when straightened)
  • Some coverage omissions pop up
  • can be a boom or bust tackler
  • slightly tighten the hips
  • Needs to regain control as he closes the field to the ball carrier
  • The game is caught by the action
  • block shading
  • Needs more control over exit angles/drops
  • may be hoppy
  • Leaves Legs as Tackler
  • Can take very aggressive angles
  • Leveraging in Man Coverage
  • Flat feet can be caught in the deep
  • Need to weave on routes
  • Need to engage with more consistency as tackler
  • Can be caught staring at QB

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